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    M35A2 converting to super singles

    Ahh good to know thank you. I’ll keep an eye on it and get some correct hardware
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    M35A2 converting to super singles

    Also one thing I might add is when you are swapping the hubs over if you are is to throughly check the wheel studs. Out of everything those six buggers are the weak link. Which the age of the truck they can be stress cracked. I found four between my front two hubs cracked visually, and quickly...
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    M35A2 converting to super singles

    I’ve not had a issue with them so far and have used it quite a lot here on the farm, but I don’t plan on ever taking them apart for anything and have applied torque strip on them to watch any chance of loosening. On the torque I don’t have the exact spec but I believe I went somewhere around...
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    M35A2 converting to super singles

    @Metalpoptart I went with 2.75 in long ones with mine. I’ll post some pictures, they were perfect but just barely long enough. All depends which wheels you have. More than likely you have the aluminum ones but there are steel ones also. The steel are a thinner hub area compared to aluminum. If...
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    M35A2 converting to super singles

    @Metalpoptart Yea I read about the caster suggestions when I singled out mine last year to the 395’s. When I did convert mine at first it did feel a little “Squirrly” on the highway compared to Stock. It did wonder in the lanes, but all I did was drop the tire pressure down from 50 psi to right...
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    Hello from New York

    Great looking truck, got some things that stand out in a good way. The front lockout hubs, the hard top, and the drop sides are awesome pluses in my opinion. That’s three things I’m slowly gathering for mine. Only thing that I’m curious about is the bed. Seams to be a converted 5ton bed unless...
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    Landing leg jack maintenance

    Personally that’s my go to grease for mostly everything on the farm for work or play
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    Just spitballing...winching out your own deuce while alone.

    Just curious if it would still hold true with a larger size tire, or if it would still be negligible? In Example like my truck that went from the 9x20 to the 395’s would the larger diameter tires change the ratio enough to cause a issue like overrunning the winch speed or would it still be...
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    Inline pump

    @Computerdoc08 I had one with the pump side gummed up that I thought was repairable so I sent out a email to Olympia and they responded back with this “The fuel pump you are referring to is our p/n 311389-1. We can supply a new one to you for $400. The fuel pumps are sealed so...
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    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Thanks for the compliments. I have been debating since I’ve done the swap wether to paint them all black, or leave them sand . The other half says she prefers the current look, but I think I’d like the all black look. So now I’m at a stand still. Currently have a hardtop under restorations...
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    MEP-802a leaking fuel.

    I just did the above today on a new set I acquired a few days ago, worked great
  12. Godspeed131

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    It’s been a little over a month since I’ve had it out, so took it out today to stretch its legs. Somewhere around a 30 mile round trip to the parts store to pick up some new fuel line for a 802 gen set I acquired recently. Also prolly the first picture I have of it with its new cargo cover on it...
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    Deuce differences

    Got this off the ole inter web but as you can see where I circled, they sometimes installed them in the small fixed triangular panel.
  14. Godspeed131

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Hey just curious to what trailer were you pulling with the m35?
  15. Godspeed131

    Big Sandy River Tn?

    If any future help is needed I'm located right in the tri-state area where TN, KY, & VA meet. its a little east of everyone but still able to help if need be.
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