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  1. AndyT

    M939 Hardtop

    Anyone have one or know where to find a hard top for not $3k ?? Kinda crazy they go for that much... I'd build one, would just rather spend that time working on something else. Thx
  2. AndyT

    New to me MV

    Hello all, I'm well acquainted with 5T things but recently got this. Haven't even looked under the hood yet, don't really need to. I can judge this little book by her cover. But, she was free and my wife loves it. So I'm fixing it. Naturally. First off, I need 1 tire, 7.00x15. If anyone has one...
  3. AndyT

    Desulfate.... or not... that is the question

    I just bought 2 new batteries for the 5T and knew (strong theory) this was the issue w my old batteries (about 4yrs old used probably total of 20times). But.... it had to be done. I will remember this for next time.
  4. AndyT

    all black with Behr paint

    That's the exact color I'd like to do my 5 ton
  5. AndyT

    Texas to Louisiana

  6. AndyT

    Texas to Louisiana

    Awesome. If anyone in the area ever needs a hand or I can help in anyway. The ole girl is mint and ready to roll.
  7. AndyT

    Texas to Louisiana

    Hello all. I have been a member for sometime now. Been under the radar for a few years, personal stuff, u know how that goes. Me and the 5T originally from TX but are now in good ole Lake Chuck LA. Anybody in the area ?!
  8. AndyT

    All 5-tons: Heavy Duty Torque Rod Ends

    Following. Plans for this in the future .
  9. AndyT

    Simp's M923 Big Cam Repower

    Following this one
  10. AndyT

    M925 a1 armored crew cab

    Sub'd. Probably for the second time..
  11. AndyT

    5Ton Starter Help - Cummins 250

    Also, when I got it out, saw some wrench marks on the plunger shaft. Some rusty hammer marks on the top of the case too. So looks like it been a problem (I didn't do those.. they don't let me play with hammers).
  12. AndyT

    5Ton Starter Help - Cummins 250

    Thanks everyone for input. Got the solenoid out this morning and will be checking around for a replacement. I will probably contact you guys with starters, I think it would be a good idea to have a spare around. From what I read up on the PCBs, good to have a spare of that one too. Will PM...
  13. AndyT

    5Ton Starter Help - Cummins 250

    Oh man that's great, thanks! I will give that a shot tomorrow when I get a look at my service tag. Will see if I can cross reference some numbers.
  14. AndyT

    5Ton Starter Help - Cummins 250

    Thanks Juan, I found 3 TMs posted by Warthog. Those were starter specific for delco, prestolite and neece (I think that's the other design). I looked through all my TMs but I will search again here. I will post some pics tomorrow, my plate and posts are pretty torn up... I could probably grind...
  15. AndyT

    5Ton Starter Help - Cummins 250

    Bingo, thats it. (see above post) Where do I find the solenoid kits/ new solenoid? Thank you for the help everyone !
  16. AndyT

    5Ton Starter Help - Cummins 250

    So I just went back out to do a little more looking. Opened the front of the starter solenoid and it looks pretty bad.. The inside contact of the + lug is melted and there is copper pellets in the solenoid housing. I suspected as much, for a week or so (about 4 months ago) I was lugging the...
  17. AndyT

    5Ton Starter Help - Cummins 250

    Thanks, I need to pull it. Have just been fiddling with it this afternoon. I was weighing that option.. wanted to see if anyone had a spare the wanted to sell. And, this starter has seen some high water.
  18. AndyT

    5Ton Starter Help - Cummins 250

    Hi guys, Does anyone have a starter for a m923(cummins 250) ? Mine gave up the ghost... Batteries are good, starter clicks sometimes, slow/no engagement most times. No voltage drop, so Im thinking its the solenoid. Questions/comments welcome. Thx!
  19. AndyT

    Why would someone buy this?

    Probably because people that don't know anything think , "...if 60hz is good, 400hz must be way better.."
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