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  1. fsearls92

    In tank fuel pump substitute for M35

    This is funny, as the original pumps have been in trucks for 50 plus years. Walbro on their site says their pumps will only last 10-20 years.
  2. fsearls92

    NM M35a2 Parts

  3. fsearls92

    In tank fuel pump substitute for M35

    I have a NOS pump in the classifieds if you decide to go original.
  4. fsearls92

    Possibly acquiring a M931A1. Feedback..?

    Haha, I guess that is true. Just wasn’t 100% sure as I haven’t seen the truck in about a decade, but know they still own it. It is a well taken care of truck, I have ridden in it and serviced it myself. If I remember correctly they bolted on the frame extension.
  5. fsearls92

    Possibly acquiring a M931A1. Feedback..?

    Is it in Albuquerque, NM? It looks like my friends truck
  6. fsearls92

    Any Members Near Orlando FL Recommend a Shop for Diesel Repairs?

    There is a small shop in Mims on US 1 by 46 that only works on diesels and mostly older ones. It’s called Heart of Dixie transmission and diesel repair. They might work on them.
  7. fsearls92

    NM M35a2 Parts

    The following parts are for M35a2 and other variants. The price listed do not include shipping, just let me know where to ship and will get you a quote. Parts are located in Las Cruces, NM if you prefer to pickup. NOS fuel pump- $400 obo pending sale NOS spindle nuts x3- $2 each NOS engine...
  8. fsearls92

    Low Range and Reverse

    It’s fine to run low in reverse, only the m939 series trucks that you shouldn’t.
  9. fsearls92


    Wheel option is limited. You can do MRAP rims with adapters, A3 wheels, Boyce Equipment makes custom wheels. I also on one deuce had recentered hemmt wheels, and another truck did recentered FMTV wheels. All of these options are for super singles. Personally I like the dials on the rear...
  10. fsearls92

    To Sand or Not To Sand

    When I used to live in the southwest I would take my deuces through deep sand all the time. Like Elk1111 and 98G said air it down. With 395’s on my truck I would air down the fronts to 15 and the rears to 7 and pull a 30 foot RV through the deep sand, I had headlocks in the wheels. The air...
  11. fsearls92

    ID request for broken component

    Every one of the 11 trucks I have had, has had it. I never have had one with the ring on it though.
  12. fsearls92

    ID request for broken component

    Isn’t that where one of the gun mount ring legs goes?
  13. fsearls92

    Recent Button and clip re-attachment

    Even on rebuilt IP’s they can’t rebuild a HH to my knowledge. I’m going to stick with it has failed, I had it happen on a few of my trucks. They would loose power in the beginning but restart and go again. Then, they wouldn’t want to idle. Just my two cents of what it is. Not going to be...
  14. fsearls92

    Recent Button and clip re-attachment

    Sounds like the hydraulic head on the IP might be in need of replacing. Had similar problems on a few trucks a new or good take off HH fixed it.
  15. fsearls92

    New M54A2 owner

    Also, for parts don’t forget Jack’s Govt Surplus is right next door to you in Tucson.
  16. fsearls92

    Transmission noise when hot

    If you end up needing a replacement transmission I believe I still have 2 in Las Cruces. Not sure what part of NM you are in.
  17. fsearls92

    Axle Vents

    It is well worth it, I blew multiple axle seals before I did it and hadn’t blown another one since, and just sold the truck a few weeks ago. I did it in all of my deuces and five tons and would recommend it.
  18. fsearls92

    395 85R20 tires on stock deuce rims

    I started with 395’s on stock wheels but it wasn’t a good combo. When I would air down the tires it would spin the tube and tear off the valve stems. I only kept it that way a few months and switched to recentered HEMTT wheels. Well worth it and should have done so from the beginning. I like...
  19. fsearls92

    Steering knuckle studs replaced with bolts

    Bolts would be hard to get the wheel lined up and stay in place to thread in the bolts. Studs make it easy to use a pry bar to bump the wheel onto the studs then thread on the nuts. Just my thoughts
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