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  1. Bandit02

    NTC 400 Cummins Coolant in the engine oil

    Possible cracked head(s) that opens up when it's hot. Might as well get them checked if you have it all apart anyways.
  2. Bandit02

    M939 with tac4

    That's a beautiful truck. It's a crime they never went forward and breathed new life into the 5 ton.
  3. Bandit02

    M123 1400x24 tires needed

    Try cariboo6x6, he might have a few odds/ends kicking around.
  4. Bandit02

    M931A2 Eastern Surplus

    Haha you can buy mine! Just need an CVIP inspection because it's out of province before you can plate it.
  5. Bandit02

    NHC 250 front main seal

    I rented it from a local parts house. Any will do as long as it fits over the hub.
  6. Bandit02


    I wouldn't worry about the weight. All the years I worked at Freightliner I never seen a single truck with a broken/cracked bellhousing because of the weight on the trans, includes the logging trucks and they bounce hard on those wash board roads. They just hanged off the back.
  7. Bandit02


    There's no actual lip seal on those Eaton Fuller trans. There's a gasket behind the plate just make sure to line up the oil passage hole for the bearing that the input shaft goes into or it will have a bad day.
  8. Bandit02

    250 fuel shut off

    So.... I did that dual fuel line mod ages ago and for whatever reason today I used the emergency shut off after a drive and it doesn't work. Took the fitting off the IP thinking it was broken inside and not closing but it appears normal and it opens/closes just fine. Tried blowing through it...
  9. Bandit02

    M923A2 Pinion Seal Replacement Troubles - Requesting Advice

    I'd like to know the cure to this too. The front driveshaft input pinion seal on the steer axle I have replaced 3x, new yoke bearing, new yoke, everything. Starts to leak after 20 miles. Replaced it with a commercial equivalent from the specs of the OEM seal. All breathers are vented up to the...
  10. Bandit02

    M923A2 Pinion Seal Replacement Troubles - Requesting Advice

    ​ I wonder if the breather is seized closed?
  11. Bandit02

    Kenworth C520 6x6 PLS?

    The stars were armed with a 3126B Cat with Allison. That is the last gen HESV that was used. I remember repairing those when I was in the forces and they were pretty cool.
  12. Bandit02

    8.3 Cummins engine has a miss and blows smoke rings--video

    Take the line off, the clamp that holds it down and crank it. It'll pop out and like rocket. Or a heel bar works too. The needle in the injector is probably worn out and causing that, Looks like unburnt fuel.
  13. Bandit02

    M939 Wiper Hose Replacement Options

    I used 7/32" rubber line from a local parts house, works fine.
  14. Bandit02

    Changing out the coolant on the NHC250

    It may be time to repower or buy an A2 truck. The 444 engines were brutes and they're 855's as well. :)
  15. Bandit02


    Dont need the alignment tool, the plastic ones are't precise. If your mounting the clutch up put it on the imput shaft of the trans, then you don't need to wrestle with alignment, just line up the holes with bellhousing and bolt those on first then the clutch to the flywheel. If you wanna stab...
  16. Bandit02


    2 piece in the way to go, when you slice the tabs off a 1 piece your in there with a torch or air chisel cutting it out...ugh I say. 15 spd would be neat-0, I mean with a 18 I doubt you'll ever split high range with the speeds these trucks go.
  17. Bandit02

    Changing out the coolant on the NHC250

    I just did a coolant drain & refill on mine. I added a Baldwin coolant filter and a block heater. I bought generic non-sca green concentrated coolant. Poured a gallon into a clean tub, poured a gallon of distilled water and added 2.5 UPG (units per gallon) of Donaldson DCA4 additive. The filter...
  18. Bandit02


    If you run a hydro setup you MUST run a solo clutch with it. I made a mistake of replacing a solo with a easy-pedal in a cascadia because I figured it didn't matter as it wasn't a warranty job (solos are 75 lbs heavier then the easy-pedal) and it wouldn't engage as soon as I rolled it out of the...
  19. Bandit02


    I've done one 14" in a kenworth, it was a easy-pedal type. Brands, stick with Eaton, lots of support and every truck shop has access to readily available parts. I know there other brands but no experience with them, dealership I worked at used Eaton and nothing else.
  20. Bandit02


    15.5" Eaton solo clutches are dual disk. I installed about a jillion of them at Freightliner throughout the years, good for 2250 tq. They're made to run exclusively with hydro. Never seen them run with any other setup. The Eaton easy pedal clutches all ran with mechanical linkage, from what I've...
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