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    Differential Pinion Flange Issue

    Just a thought.. did you misplace the spacer/washer under the flange? Without that it would likely lock things up
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    Differential Pinion Flange Issue

    Here’s a couple thoughts that might help. The sleeve only needs to go on far enough to cover the area that the seal rides on. If you look closely you will see the sleeve is scored just before the flange so that once driven on to the depth required, the flange can be cut and peeled off, leaving...
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    Dearborn adapter woes

    I have had similar issues with getting a laptop to talk to an ecu using a USB-serial adapter, and in that case what solved it was this: On your laptop go to control panel, then devices, then select the usb to serial adapter and look at the info that is displayed. It will often tell you what the...
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    New to the Group with my 1953 M38A1

    Nice Jeep! Looks like someone has taken good care of it. I have a 52, a little downriver from you near Ottawa.
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    Question About Paint

    Looks like body filler to me. My M37 had all sorts. Lead, pink bondo, grey stuff… I don’t know the army was too concerned with things looking good at ranges closer than about 20ft away.
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    What have you done to your JEEP today

    Thank you! It is mostly original, although I had to add some lap belts and wire up the lights a little differently in order to pass safety. Also added lockout hubs to save a little wear and tear on the front axle.
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    What have you done to your JEEP today

    I finally got my 52 M38cdn licensed and spent some time today giving it a little exercise! It’s been one of those projects that began about 15 years ago, then spent about a dozen years in storage until I was finally able to finish the job. sure feels good to have it on the road!
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    What have you done to your JEEP today

    Usually that unevenness is caused from people hooking chains on the front bumper to pull things, or to tow the Jeep out of muck etc instead of using the provided loops on the front. if I’m understanding your question right.
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    Slow Down an M37

    Ha! Making an m37 slower, that’s funny. In all seriousness, you might have an issue being higher up than the Jeep and having a door in the way, depending on what the range of your sprayer is…. But I don’t think you will find it to be too fast in low range.
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    My 1952 M135 Build

    Nice work! The truck looks fantastic in that dark green.
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    Fuel Lines Diameter

    I believe the fuel lines are all 5/16, if my memory is correct. I did the truck with a 20’ roll of cunifer lines. Definitely practise making the flares, as the nickel copper stuff is softer, and requires a more gentle approach than steel. Edit- you can also buy stainless steel spring armour if...
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    M201b1 1962 revival.

    Nice work! It would be looking a little out of place if it was perfect... so I would say it’s a 10/10 for a 70year old military truck.
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    M37 Horse Power Increase

    The T prefix is just that the motor is for a truck. You can look up the endless variety of internals they put into these blocks, each one has a different number and prefix whether it was for a dodge, Chrysler, desoto, truck, industrial etc..
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    Operation: Ethel. Kendelrios M37 (re)build thread

    Great looking truck! Looks like most of the bodywork is going to be in the cowl. It appears someone covered up the cowl vent but left the lever under the dash? Nice to see this truck is going to a good home!
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    Dashboard switch operation

    That is likely the control for the cowl vent. Take a look in the manual, all these questions and more are answered there. Also a lot of the nuances on operating the truck which is a help with these old machines.
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    Dashboard switch operation

    Those are the lights that illuminate the gauges from the back, and the high beam light indicator shows if high beams are selected. Your three lever switch has an option to turn on the panel lights
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    Dashboard switch operation

    Well, as far as switches go, there’s two. The smaller lower one is your ignition. It is on or off, controlling the power to the coil and gauges. The 3 lever switch is your lights. You have to lift the lower right switch to allow either of the other switches to move. Then you can select your...
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    Locating parts - Ottawa, Canada

    Hi and welcome. You can try to contact Brian Asbury, he may have some parts. He’s in Milton. Where near Ottawa are you? You can also ask if the gentleman that runs the swords and ploughshares museum out in Kars has any connections, as he has an extensive collection of vehicles. I believe his...
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    Iltis info?

    Head over to the maple leaf up forum. It is mainly dedicated to Canadian/ commonwealth vehicles. If you have the CAR number (85-xxxxx) you can probably get some information there. Some of the members are able to check current databases to find things such as where it was based and where it was...
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    M43 1951 Ambulance.

    Nice! That looks pretty solid. What kind of shape is it in mechanically? Are you planning on restoring it or do you have other plans? I’m curious how it ended up in the UK.
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