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  1. Mrgior31513

    6BT swap questions

    It would have been easier to find parts for that swap, but I think I have it sorted. The Spicer 3053A from the M35A2 is a SAE #3 bellhousing, the Spicer 6453 from the M54A1 is SAE #2 bellhousing, so it's a different hunt for parts, same book but different page. I think I have all the parts...
  2. Mrgior31513

    6BT swap questions

    I've done my homework, for sure. Comparing the estimated/potential hp and torque output of this modified engine should have it well above the Mack, and better than the multifuel at bare stock. I've specifically built it for lower end power, so the 1400rpm stock torque band compared to the...
  3. Mrgior31513

    6BT swap questions

    I would have preferred a transmission swap at the same time, but mine has a PTO w/ winch in the front, and it's a pretty large price jump for the project to do that as well. Is that a stock 6BT? How does it compare to the multifuel in pushing that truck around?
  4. Mrgior31513

    6BT swap questions

    A stock 6BT has about 215hp at 2,500rmp and 420 torque at 1,600. You can push those motors to about 800-1k hp before you start to lose reliability. It has forged pistons, I've put the Hamilton 168/208 cam in it for slightly increased hp and because it increases the spooling of the turbo at...
  5. Mrgior31513

    6BT swap questions

    Finally back on my 5 ton project. Between buying some off-grid Az property and having a kid it's been sitting for a few years. Have my 6BT almost built, was wondering if anyone has any experience in swapping that with matching one up to the Spicer 6453 or close. I know it's the STD #2...
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