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  1. Guyfang

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month February 2021 VOTE HERE

    This FSN: 2530-735-1411 was assigned on 01-01-1963. Part of your problem when looking for info is maybe that you entered that FSN. In the 70's we went the NSN. So if you insert two zeros, NSN: 2530-00-735-1411, you start to get more info. That NSN is discontinued, and there were a number of sub...
  2. Guyfang

    MEP002A alternator fuse

    The 003A and 002A use according to the book, 15 amp. I just always stuck 30 amp fuses in everything. That way I had less to keep track of.
  3. Guyfang

    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    I laugh and laugh every time I see these fuses. The exact same ones I had on every VW bug and bus I owned. We all carried a handfull in the glove box. As everyone knows, it pays to be careful putting them in, and taking them out. The caps come off easy. A few months ago, someone came in my...
  4. Guyfang

    mep804b low voltage relay

    Don't limit yourself in your search. It also fits the MEP-805A, MEP-806A
  5. Guyfang

    Arkansan interested in gensets

    Take your jacket off and stay a while!
  6. Guyfang

    Need thermostat for Mep 005a

    I don't think its a problem. Close enough for government work. But yeah, would piss me off to read all the hype and then get something else. Had they been up front, it would have sat better with me.
  7. Guyfang

    After Action Report- Texas Gulf Coast

    The 004A and 005A are simply great gen sets. Simple, easy and dependable.
  8. Guyfang

    Advice on Overhauling MEP803A engine

    I am sure you will get a few more folks to jump in here. And there are places to get parts other then fle-bay and GM.
  9. Guyfang

    mep804b low voltage relay

    Might help if you put in a part number and or NSN. How do you know its bad? Have you tested it IAW the TM?
  10. Guyfang

    MEP002A alternator fuse

    Have you down loaded the TM's for your gen set? They are all here in the TM forum. You can use both the 002A and 003A TM's. The sets are 98% the same. They are your best friend. Use NSN: 5920-00-012-0151 or part number: FO2A32V15A if you want to look in Fle-Bay. There are other places to look...
  11. Guyfang

    MEP-802a auxiliary pump: any chance fuel can siphon from 30 gallon drum?

    Make sure the floats are not hitting the side of the tank.
  12. Guyfang

    After Action Report- Texas Gulf Coast

    Wife's are often wrong. But NEVER unsure of themselves. After 44 years of marriage, I still haven't figured mine out.
  13. Guyfang

    After Action Report- Texas Gulf Coast

    If you are worrying about a 5 Amp imbalance, please get your wife to beat you for a half hour. Thats a good fuel rate burn also. BE HAPPY.
  14. Guyfang

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month February 2021 VOTE HERE

    It just ain't fair to be able to cast one vote................................................................
  15. Guyfang

    MEP-804B - New to me, I have a few questions

    OK, here we go. I asked the top Dog at CECOM if the heads can be taken apart and rewired. He told me flat out NO. NO WAY. He told me you can have the main gen stripped and rewired. You can get another main gen and install it. But you can not take it apart and rewire it. This gen set is about...
  16. Guyfang

    Gen set humor ? because it's so stinking cold.

    Back in the early 70's we had gen sets that had big honking Generators on them. 100 amp. They used a selenium rectifier, to change the voltage to DC, and charge the battery's. The rectifiers were huge metal things. When they went bad, you knew it. The first time I spent a night on the missile...
  17. Guyfang

    MEP803A, governor slow to react to load

    Don't fold up the tents too early. do another one or two load tests. Dosn't have to be a massage load dump on the engine. But play with it a bit. Change it up a bit. Make sure its right. Sometimes something works 2-3 times in a row, then it doesn't. Better to know now, then at 03:00.
  18. Guyfang

    MEPS 806B how to turn it into a "dumb" generator

    Pull the actuator off. Check that the wires are good to the coil. Hook 24 volts to it. Will it function? I don't know if you or someone else has had it off, but reinstalling is where lots of folks screw it up. It goes in one way, and only that one way.
  19. Guyfang

    Solar Charging Question

    The military had/has solar chargers for gen sets and trucks, for decades. They do not disconnect anything. If you have a solar charger hooked up correctly, and the panel is exposed to the sun, how could the battery's become discharged? At least as long as the charger works and the battery's...
  20. Guyfang


    The TM number you gave in the first post is not good.
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