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  1. av8or

    WV M923 water truck

    Price reduction now $12000 OBO
  2. av8or

    WV M923 water truck

    Offers considered
  3. av8or

    WV M923 water truck

    1983 m923 setup for hauling water to our mountain house. Restoration is about 5 years old has been stored inside always. Have NDT for the front that go with it. Has always preformed well, no squawks. Bob Morrison 863 517 0470. Looking for $15,000.
  4. av8or

    Fenders for m939 wanted

    Looking for fenders m 939a2 Av8or. 863 517 0470 Bob Morrison
  5. av8or

    2019 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade

    Looking for a curved rear fender for a m915 thru m920 goes in front of forward rear axle. Will be there thursday on.
  6. av8or

    M920 starting issues.

    I had 2 m916 trucks that needed solenoids as they had 24 volt solenoids in the dash instead of 12 volt. both had just come from rebuild.
  7. av8or

    M920 starting issues.

    Jump the solenoid in your picture next to glove box. If that does not work jump the starter solenoid.
  8. av8or

    Thoughts on the onslaught of State Laws that Pull us of the road

    When MV that were sold as off road only showed up on the market people had to find a loop hole and get a on road title. The efforts to get around the intent of the law has caused the law changes, and law changes will continue as long as people try to get around the intent of the law. Just my 2...
  9. av8or

    Windshield woes

    The ones I mentioned are with aluminum frames, don't believe they are Korean probably Chinese, bought from government liquidation some time ago. I also have a few original equipment with steel frames $150 each.
  10. av8or

    Windshield woes

    M35 windshields will fit. I have a bunch at $100 each but shipping is a problem. I could bring to the Georgia rally if you know anyone who is coming.
  11. av8or

    Clean out fuel tank

    The E 85 will thin the gum, drain, repeat, spray out with more E 85 through a siphon spray gun and a long piece of brake line to reach back corners to avoid tank removal.
  12. av8or

    M-917 20 Ton Dump Recovery

    Nice looking unit, always wanted one.
  13. av8or

    2019 Findlay Oh, Armed forces day show May 17-19 Sell+ swap

    We are planning to be there Thursday thru Sunday. Always a good time.
  14. av8or

    M915 series, pictures of your toys

    Added a trail king TL40 to go with the M915
  15. av8or

    New guy here: wondering why folks convert to super singles?

    Just my 2 cents, my 445r65x22.5's or a lot larger in dia. than an 11r22.5. Like about 5 inches. (46 vs. 41) 1100r24 will match up better to the 445r65x22.5. In 1100 or 1200, 24.5" will be 3" smaller than 24"
  16. av8or

    New member from florida

    welcome from Fort Denaud Fl.
  17. av8or

    New guy from WV

    Welcome from Florida and West Virginia. Spend 1/2 the year in Rainelle. Hope to meet you. Bob
  18. av8or

    M915 series, pictures of your toys

    That is on a M915
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