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  1. J

    Gas Generator

    If I want to sell the Generator why would I put it want adds forum I not sure how this site works it not easy to do anything here it seam like it could be easier.
  2. J

    Gas Generator

    I have two air cooled MA-68-2893 10 KW I would like to sell . The one in the picture will turn over it has no spark I have the part kit also the complete gasket set for the engine. The other one not sure I don't have it in hand but can get it may be just parts have not checked it out yet...
  3. J


    Hello I have two units one will run the other one not sure maybe just parts low hours Just wondering if you might know someone that would be interested. MEP -018A I'm in Fanning Springs Fl. Thanks Jerry Patenaude
  4. J

    10kw genset voltage regulator/Hygrovane questions

    Hello I have two units TM 5-6115-275 MA -68-2893 MFD 8-70 MFR Jeta Power INC 6115-935-8632
  5. J

    MEP 803A fuel pump replacement

    Thank you I should have checked here frist. I did checking on the fuel tank build up from the fuel glad I looked in the forums I thought I was the only one. If I had looked me it may have had the part number of the pump as they did say that the pump was replaced in most threads . Your site is...
  6. J

    MEP 803A fuel pump replacement

    Thanks I will try a new one . I was just thinking that the new pump pulled more amps than the one as I had no problems before. I hard a problem with the fuel tank had a wax build up about 1/2 inch in the bottom plugged all my lines filters . Wanted the OEM pump but could find a 24 volt all...
  7. J

    MEP 803A fuel pump replacement

    Hello I replaced the main fuel pump with a NAPA pump rotary type . Works good it was hard to get it started and running seem ok now But having a problem with the 7.5 amp circuit breaker it will pop out trying to Start. Anyone have a good idea on that can I replace it with a bigger breaker.
  8. J

    803a access doors

  9. J

    803a access doors

    Good Morning Sir I was just wondering if you my have picked up you unit from a guy in Alabama Carlton James? If so would you please let me know. Thanks Jerry Patenaude
  10. J

    Replacement access doors for MEP-803a

    Hello [The guy that I was buying the unit from was a scammer. If you know anyone that wants to deal with Federalexchange in Alabama Unless you go there to see what your buying don't due it. I want to thank you for your help and time with looking for the door .If I need anything for my other...
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