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  1. V8srfun

    6BT swap questions

    Sounds like a fun project jeepsinker also swapped a 6bt and has well documented it on here and YouTube.
  2. V8srfun

    Quote please

    I may need to move a m813 from 22801 in va to 16601 in pa. there is nothing wrong with the truck I am just seeing if it is worth hauling or driving the distance.
  3. V8srfun

    New guy advise

    some more information about what I am looking at may be beneficial to the conversation. The m813 is a nhc 250 with a turbo added The first 923 is a 8.3 turbo The second 923 is a nhc 250 with no turbo I am least interested in the nhc 250 powers 923 one of the things that really interests me...
  4. V8srfun

    New guy advise

    Are they comparable to the acceleration and road speed of my old non turbo m35a2
  5. V8srfun

    New guy advise

    Thanks but I am not currently in the position to modify a truck at the moment. If in the future things change I will explore the option.
  6. V8srfun

    New guy advise

    So I am not nearly as experienced as many here but I do have some mv experience. I did own a m35a2 for about 5 years and did service the brakes, wheel bearings, hubs, boots , and basic service. I say that to let you know I am not totally green and unaware of the maintenance aspect of the hobby...
  7. V8srfun

    Droop screw adjustment on ld 465 1c

    How did all the trucks that had a turbo added after the military got them get a drop screw. There was no drop screw install kit with the turbo kits.
  8. V8srfun

    M35A2 info

  9. V8srfun

    M35A2 info

    There is a member that can still get some trucks history. I don’t recall his name at the moment but he helped is my truck a couple years ago. Post the bumper markings and see if someone can help
  10. V8srfun

    71 M35a2 turbo identification help

    If you are looking for wheel sizes there is an old thread I remember reading that had them listed. Try google searching Ldt turbo specs or something of that nature.
  11. V8srfun

    A3 air filter on LDT

    I don’t think you wasted money they are supposed to have a higher ratio and I doubt you would see a visible difference without really examining them. Remember that valve lift is measured in thousandths so without precise measurements you may not see any difference.
  12. V8srfun

    A3 air filter on LDT

    Did you notice that the engine sounds different with the different rockers. The 5 ton fender mount air box is a common upgrade to increase air flow.
  13. V8srfun

    Modernized/Upgraded Axle/Suspension?

    These trucks articulate exceptionally well for their size and weight. I agree with all statements above. Get it in the best condition possible then upgrade the tires to singles, buy chains, learn the importance of tire pressure for the surface you are on. With all of that you will be able to go...
  14. V8srfun

    Help With Identifying Power Steering Pump Rotation, M35A3

    If you know what hose is the pressure and what one is the inlet just cover the end with your finger and turn the pump sho not be that hard to find out
  15. V8srfun

    Another of my woefully ignorant threads - suspension upgrade

    I have hauled 5tons of gravel in my bone stock deuce from the quarry many times and never felt like the truck was not well enough equipped for the task. Now I was not driving on off road trails but I never felt like the truck was stressed or near the limit of what could be safely hauled. If I...
  16. V8srfun

    Geared Lug Wrench options?

    I have one of those torque multipliers and they are great and you can’t beat the price
  17. V8srfun

    Brake fluid shooting out of remote reservoir?

    If you came back to the truck and had a soft pedal that firmed up after pumping the brakes there is air in the system. Yes a shoe adjustment is wise but probably not your problem. The fluid rushing back is probably the compressed air in the system expanding and the fluid has no other place to go...
  18. V8srfun

    Starting research ld 465 1c turbo upgrade

    Thank you for posting this
  19. V8srfun

    M35A2 low oil pressure.....

    I agree that the best coarse of action is to put a mechanical on it and see what is actually happening. things to consider all engines will have lower oil pressure when warm as the oil thins and the bearing tolerance grow from the heat. the old military gauges are known to be miserably...
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