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  1. J

    Spring 2024 Rausch Creek Rally

    I couldn't find a way to PM you here. How do I access the photos on Facebook?
  2. J

    Spring 2024 Rausch Creek Rally

    Is there a way I can access any photos or videos of the May 18 Rausch Creek trail ride? I tried to take some, but mine are lousy.
  3. J

    About My MEP-002A

    To answer your battery question, I'm a Cheapskate. I can't see spending the money for not 1, but 2 new batteries dedicated for a generator that I may never need, especially for a military one that I can plug into my HMMWV to start when I want to use it. During the Winter months, I can use 2...
  4. J

    About My MEP-002A

    Thank you all so very much! This MEP-002a started as an investment-"OK a new toy" I really didn't need. I saw it in a field, was told it ran properly approx. a year ago, and negotiated a fair price for a under 700 hours "running" 002A with its M116A2 trailer. I got it home and after discovering...
  5. J

    About My MEP-002A

    I recently purchased a MEP-002A that I would like to run my house in a power outage and have a few questions. The manual states to adjust to 61.5Hz no load, I guess because it drops a bit under load to around 60. What is the high and low limit, or in other words a safe range for the Hz and 240...
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