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  1. 71DeuceAK

    6TL AGM source?

    I've got Hawker AGM 6TLs in my M929A2 dump truck that appear to have been in there since 2005. At almost 20 years old, they are finally beginning to show their age.
  2. 71DeuceAK

    OH,KY,IN locals mv cruise ins

    I have partial residency in Central IL, so it'd be almost-local to me.
  3. 71DeuceAK

    Alaska Meet, Anyone?

    Any Alaskan members interested in a meet and greet (or full on rally) somewhere in this massive state? 19Kilo and I have been muttering about this for only half a decade now. Maybe in Denali National Park- once the fires are out of course? That would be an easy day trip for people in both...
  4. 71DeuceAK

    Graves Mountain Rally Syria Virginia 2024

    Any good ones in Pennsylvania?
  5. 71DeuceAK

    Graves Mountain Rally Syria Virginia 2024

    I usually drive there from Illinois, but I'm working in Alaska this summer/fall. Any Intel on flying into Washington, DC?
  6. 71DeuceAK

    71DeuceAK's M936A2

    Dawned on me I've had this thing a year as of yesterday. Wrecker ownership is, objectively speaking, a major life milestone.
  7. 71DeuceAK

    making dump truck

    Following... The slightly longer wheel base of the 923/925 could potentially yield itself to somewhat more yardage than the 929, which might work well for lightweight yet bulky materials (think: wood chips)...
  8. 71DeuceAK

    71DeuceAK's M936A2

    Guess I forgot to keep this updated. Got the rear PTO going awhile back. Started greasing things with the (probably original issue to the truck, dated 1991!) tubes of nasty GAA animal fat grease. That was fun at 40* in the dark between second-shift tow truck dispatches. One blazing hot day...
  9. 71DeuceAK

    Haspin 2024

    Made a quick day trip of it this year.
  10. 71DeuceAK

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Fired up my M929A2 tonight after she had been sitting for a month. The 19 year old batteries are finally about done for.
  11. 71DeuceAK

    I might be a little crazy – 4,000 mile M1079 recovery Illinois to Alaska

    No kidding? I have a house in Mason City and have an M929A2
  12. 71DeuceAK

    Halfway Across Alaska and Back in aN M923A2

    Fellow member @19kilo and I had to attend someone's wedding. As a gag, he opted to show up in his M923A2. Seven hours from Fairbanks to Wasilla, a day tooling around, and seven hours back. Straight through except bio breaks. On frost-heaved Alaska roads. Have you ever gone shopping for wedding...
  13. 71DeuceAK

    The Adventures of LITD's genset

    98G, you always have the craziest stories!
  14. 71DeuceAK

    Advice on M929 Dump Truck

    Memphis are good people. I've interviewed to work there before.
  15. 71DeuceAK

    Just got my first MV!

    Good looking truck!
  16. 71DeuceAK

    My m925a1 build "Brutus"

    Great looking truck!
  17. 71DeuceAK

    71DeuceAK's M936A2

    It is.
  18. 71DeuceAK

    71DeuceAK's M936A2

    Can't get hydrualic pressure to the rear controls. PTO successfully engaged, suggestions?
  19. 71DeuceAK

    71DeuceAK's M936A2

    Named this one Karen. Needy and high maintenance.
  20. 71DeuceAK

    71DeuceAK's M936A2

    And here she is!
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