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  1. gsomersjr

    Deuce Tire Chains

    Always seemed to be raining or snowing when we left the hard road and stopped to chain up in Germany. We were frozen by the time we were finished but hey, at least I had an unheated canvas-topped deuce cab to get back into. Don't miss chains at all.
  2. gsomersjr

    new from West Virginia

    The Eastern Panhandle welcomes you. Enjoy!
  3. gsomersjr

    Battery group number for M35A2

    Modern batteries can be stored on concrete. It was older batteries with asphalt based cases that would drain if placed on concrete.
  4. gsomersjr

    ATF mixed with diesel

    Here in WV the DOT runs random fuel checks to catch guys running off-road diesel. ATF is red and might tint the fuel to look like off-road. Big fines here for that. I know a guy running ps fluid in all his trucks and equipment with no problems. 1 qt to 100 gallons is his mix.
  5. gsomersjr

    Steering wheel straight?

    I don't know how easy it is to remove the steering wheel but here's how I get the quick-release wheel straight on my race car. It's very simple. On even ground just back up 10-20 feet and the wheel will self center. Just rotate wheel on spline to get it where you want.
  6. gsomersjr

    Dennis at Richmond-Super Job

    My first GL pickup at Richmond went smooth as silk. Dennis had my 2 M105 trailers loaded onto my flatbed trailer in 15 minutes after arriving. I brought jacks, blocks, winches, etc. expecting to load them myself so when he rolled in with the forklift it was a very pleasant surprise. Total...
  7. gsomersjr

    What's the advantage of 24volt system?

    48 volt technology was going to be the future of automotive electrical systems. It is designed to use electric motors to drive the peripheral systems (ac,ps,alt,etc) instead of belt drive. This would allow the various systems to be placed throughout the engine compartment and not have to be...
  8. gsomersjr

    Anyone know direct phone number to Richmond GL

    804-279-5244 is a valid land line number for Richmond. Talked to Dennis. Good guy and very accomodating. I think my first GL experience is going to be a good one.
  9. gsomersjr

    Anyone know direct phone number to Richmond GL

    Thanks for the tip. I called GL in AZ and explained my situation. The 602 number is the site managers cell phone. I haven't got through yet but the gentleman at GL gave me a land line number of 804-279-5244. .
  10. gsomersjr

    Anyone know direct phone number to Richmond GL

    The number listed for Richmond on the auction site is 602-820-7883. This is the number I've been trying to call but haven't had any luck.
  11. gsomersjr

    Anyone know direct phone number to Richmond GL

    My EUC was approved in less than 2 weeks after it was sent to Battle Creek. I thought I was going to breeze through my first GL pickup. Now that I have my invoice I can't get through to GL to schedule a pickup time at Richmond. I've left a voice message and also left my call back number. They...
  12. gsomersjr

    Air-O-Matic Steering

    I don't know if this helps but I had a 77 Freightliner cabover with air assist steering. Ross was the manufacturer. I don't know know if they are still around but a search might get you some useful information.
  13. gsomersjr

    cup holder

    All it needs is a data plate. :-D Looks like it belongs there.
  14. gsomersjr

    hydraulic clutch

    Might try bleeding the system.
  15. gsomersjr

    Good cheap insurance...who's better

    I just purchased a 1968 M35A2. I insured it with JC Taylor Antique Auto Insurance. $51 per year. That's no typo...$51. 800-345-8290
  16. gsomersjr

    Military "Cattle-Cars"

    I rode them in 86 at Ft Jackson. I remember taking the ride with all our gear from the reception station out to Tank Hill. When the truck stopped the DS stood in the middle of the exit and told us all to get out and that we'd better not touch him doing it. We also rode them to the ranges quite...
  17. gsomersjr

    block heater for a deuce?

    If the Jeep application works then the NAPA part # is 605-3043. It's designed for a freeze plug location and is 2" in diameter. Its 600 watts. It's made by Pyroil.
  18. gsomersjr

    I Know Unit- Need Bumper Markings

    Hey guys. I'm new here but not to military vehicles. I'm a first time owner but have been "assigned" a few wheeled and track vehicles in past years. I just purchased a 1968 M35A2 and want to put my old unit's markings on the bumper. I was assigned to V Corps, 22nd Signal Brigade, 32nd Signal...
  19. gsomersjr

    Anyone in WV???

    I'm in Berkeley Springs (Eastern Panhandle) with a 1968 M35A2
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