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    For the love of the gods..... I bought another one.

    An M-715 this time. The wife wasn't too thrilled with me skidding logs with her 2019 Jeep Rubicon so, I had a perfect excuse! Runs, stops and steers. Although I will admit, it does none of those things well, yet. Time to hit the TM section I guess. BTW, thank you to all that make that TM section...
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    FLU419 and FLU10344 Demonstration Video

    Yes, they have been real handy around here. Nice thing is, they are very heavy duty. After watching my neighbors with their 25hp Kabotas and similar backhoes, I would have turned a whole fleet of those into scrap metal by now. LOL, I think I made the right choice!
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    FLU419 and FLU10344 Demonstration Video

    LOL, how's it going SWATMOD? I haven't been on SS for quite a while and when I do get on here, I see a video of my twins Hansel and Gretal that you sold to me. They are both being put to good use. The hoe doing everything it's supposed to and the crane is unloading logs from my M1083 that I...
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    Hotspur and his German cousins, Hansel and Gretal.

    Hotspur the M1083 and his German cousins Hansel (The SEE backhoe/loader) and Gretal (The HMMH forklift/crane). Gretal needs brake work right now but otherwise, they all run and operate well enough. Definitely some things need doing on all of them as time goes by. But, they are very handy for...
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    Oil drain pro-tip

    Get 2, 5 gallon buckets. Unscrew your plug just enough to be turned by hand. Pick up first bucket and get it right under the plug. (Might have to tilt bucket a little up on the leaf spring side.) Remove plug fully. You only have to hold the bucket up for a few seconds until the oil stream starts...
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    What have you done WITH your FMTV ( trips, Rescues etc) NOT: fixes, updates etc

    This spring my M1083 and I were pretty busy with rescues from the mud. Had to back into a neighbor's pasture until I gut stuck. Up to the axles of course. Pulled out the winch cable and pulled out 3 pickup trucks. After the cable was spooled up I then had to air down all 6 tires and drive out of...
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    M715 CAT/Allison conversion

    OK, stupid question time! I probably just missed you mentioning it but, how are you solving the problem of engine/driveline rotation so you get 7 forward speeds back?
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    M715 CAT/Allison conversion

    This whole RAT FINK fever dream is giving me tingly sensations in my nethers! Very cool, can't wait to se the final product of your insane brain!
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    Eco Hubs and 3.07's - in a 2000 M1088 with a 3126 (~24k pounds)

    Thanks for the ECO HUB review. I just ran across them the other day. I have an M1083 with stock gears but, any and all real world info on these is appreciated. From what I've seen so far I believe I will be putting myself on the list for a set before the year's end. I have to laugh, it sounds...
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    Run flat tire lube and...... Air/hydraulic pump rebuild. SPX 14121 Ucup at MROsupply min order 10pcs?!?

    Imagine my surprise? I was reading through a long post about the pump rebuild that went back a couple/few years where you could buy the u-cups 2 at a time and the kits were cheap. That sort of thing should open some eyes about the current state of inflation.
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    I guess it's time to get RE acquainted?

    Looking forward to that. It is a very nice area.
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    Run flat tire lube and...... Air/hydraulic pump rebuild. SPX 14121 Ucup at MROsupply min order 10pcs?!?

    I hope I am not breaking the rules by posting this topic here. I know it is somewhat sales RELATED but I don't think this should be in the sales section. Not actually a "for sale add", just trying to make a decision as to what direction to go/ gaging interest in a couple items. Please let me...
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    I guess it's time to get RE acquainted?

    Hahaha, about 5 years ago my wife and I bought a Stewart and Stevenson M1083 with a winch to build into a camper truck and I signed up here at Steel Soldiers. I was just starting to get to know a few of you wonderful folks and......... Well, right after that life threw us a bunch of curve balls...
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