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  1. dodgetruckin

    Looking for good M880 4x4 near Northern VA

    Unmolested M880 are getting harder to find. Seems like people would rather use them for a plow truck or trail truck rather than restoring them. At that rate, there will be none for future generations to enjoy. I hope you find one and I hope you treat it well.
  2. dodgetruckin

    M880 cargo cover on Ebay

    Re: RE: M880 cargo cover on Ebay Your boss told me that the notice above was also supposed to be an apology to me for slandering my good name in a public forum and for writing to countless people on eBay telling them not to buy anything from me. I did some research and it looks like you...
  3. dodgetruckin

    WANTED - NOS seat back

    I posted this about 2 years ago and I am still looking for an NOS seat back. Anyone out there know where I can get one?
  4. dodgetruckin

    M880 cargo cover on Ebay

    Hey Bob, I am sure you don't want to give $150 items away for $20 either. Yes I did cancel your bid which is my right on eBay. Don't blame me, blame eBay. It costs 70 cents to list something starting at $9.99 and up to $5 to list something with a reserve. Their rules state that an item can...
  5. dodgetruckin

    WANTED - NOS seat back

    Sorry Bob. I dont really want to sell one of these seats. I have 2 and one will be used on my M882. I have never seen the bottoms for sale anywhere in NOS condition. If I had one more I would gladly sell it but I will only trade my spare for an NOS back. You are correct in that they came...
  6. dodgetruckin

    WANTED - NOS seat back

    To Desert Rat: I looked at the tool bars and I cant figure out how to edit my profile or signature on this website. To Bob H. I only have 2 NOS seat bottoms. One will be used on my truck and the other I would really like to trade for an NOS seat back. These are new in the MoPar box. How...
  7. dodgetruckin

    WANTED - M880 Artic Weather Parts??

    I would like to do my M880 up with the artic weather options. See link below: http://www.tpub.com/content/trucks1.25ton/TM-9-2320-266-34/css/TM-9-2320-266-34_246.htm Does anyone out there have or know where I can get these parts at? Jaime - Whitehall PA
  8. dodgetruckin

    what was the M881 used for?

    Where in the world do they still have M880s coming up in govt auction? I would like to buy another one cheap. I paid $1800 for mine and it was a basket case. About the 28V system. I got my info from the Chrysler service/owners manual for the truck. If I could somehow copy this info I will...
  9. dodgetruckin

    Picking on Bob H.

    Bob, sorry to pick on you but I can't help thinking this everytime I see your signature with all your vehicle pics. When are you going to get rid on that Monte and get yourself a nice Challenger, Cuda, or Charger to round out that nice MoPar collection you got going there.
  10. dodgetruckin

    what was the M881 used for?

    Speaking of 24v setup. Where did you get the setup for $10? Anyone else out there have spare parts for the 24v system? I am looking to replace the stuff on my restored M882 with either NOS or good clean used. Can anyone help? As a side note. According to the owners manual and Chrysler, the...
  11. dodgetruckin

    WANTED - NOS seat back

    I also have some NOS M151 seat cushions. Enough to make a complete rear seat. I would trade 2 rear M151 cushions for a NOS M880 seat back or seat cover as well. Jaime 610-262-0529
  12. dodgetruckin

    WANTED - NOS seat back

    I am in need of an NOS seat back for my M880. I have 2 NOS seat bottoms and would be willing to trade a bottom for a back. I will also buy a back outright at a reasonable price. Or I would buy an original NOS seatcover if anyone has one. email me or call 610-262-0529
  13. dodgetruckin

    M880 mirrors on Ebay

    I have some NOS mirror heads and a good used set of brackets, but the brackets are chrome/stainless.
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