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  1. RodUSMC1962

    Is the Mite V4 Hand Crankable For Emergency Starts?

    We just put a tow bar on and pulled them! :beer:
  2. RodUSMC1962

    Blow'd Up Sir!

    Years ago an 18 year old kid at a John Deere shop got killed working on a tire . Shop stopped working on tires right after that. I still use that shop today.:beer:
  3. RodUSMC1962

    1953 “gasser” deuce build thread/ adventure

    The gas engine does not have the power of a multifuel but unless you are driving in steep hills, you will not notice it, if you do you just have to gear down and sit back and wait. :beer:
  4. RodUSMC1962

    1953 “gasser” deuce build thread/ adventure

    I have a 52 Studebaker gasser, I would help you in any way I can. By the way, my truck is for sale ,getting to old to climb up and check the oil. :driver:
  5. RodUSMC1962

    Hello from MD, with Mighty Mits and More!

    Are you sure you are working on a mighty mite? Mitsubishi didn`t make them American Motors did. I drove them for three years in the Corps , I currently own two of them. The g503 website has a lot more info there.
  6. RodUSMC1962

    FREE mite bows and top

    mite bows Having trouble reaching you by phone, call me 574-772-6458.
  7. RodUSMC1962

    FREE mite bows and top

    Free to a good home m422-a1 bows and top. Top needs minor repair in stitching, never been on a mite. I just don`t need these anymore. Local pick up only, 100 miles from Chicago,40 miles from South Bend. If you reply leave phone number, I have trouble with replying to a pm, thanks Rod.
  8. RodUSMC1962

    Transfer Case removal/replacing

    When you build your shop make it as big as you can afford, plan for expansion, it will never be big enough. :beer:
  9. RodUSMC1962

    M37 Barn Find

    Congrats on a great find! :beer:
  10. RodUSMC1962


    I love bears. :beer:
  11. RodUSMC1962

    The beast died after hitting a bump!!

    You guys are great, so much knowledge and always willing to help! We all learned a lot today! :goodjob::goodjob:
  12. RodUSMC1962

    Completed M332 Restore/Rebuild

    Does anyone know why these trailers came without fenders? I have asked before and no one ever answered. :deadhorse::deadhorse:
  13. RodUSMC1962

    Dry brake master cylinder

    The remote unit is the greatest thing going! Just a peek behind the seat and you know if you have a problem, no messing around in the dirt under the floor, only takes a small amount of time to install. :beer:
  14. RodUSMC1962

    My new-to-me 1952 USMC M38a1

    We never had a real high gloss like in the pics,some what less shine. :driver:
  15. RodUSMC1962

    Hello from Columbus Ohio

    Welcome and good luck! :driver:
  16. RodUSMC1962

    Removing Wheel/Tire from m35a2?

    I would have new seals on hand and replace them, only a few $ in the whole scheme of things. My 2cents worth.
  17. RodUSMC1962

    1/3 scale B17

    Way to cool! :beer:
  18. RodUSMC1962

    FMTV's on Fox news

    We pulled all wheel bearings and greased after fording. :driver:
  19. RodUSMC1962

    Titling/registering M923 in Indiana. Like to hear from the Hoosiers who have done it.

    I am pretty sure if you want to go with the no plate, only hood numbers you need to have a police inspection I had to, maybe something has changed, I also had an Indiana title. DMV has the form. :driver:
  20. RodUSMC1962

    Indiana BMV No plate Question

    The DMV has the form to fill out. Numbers must be in three place, white or yellow, police check to confirm and sigh off on form, some DMV offices are not aware of this law. :driver:As far as I know it has to be a military vehicle.
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