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  1. Spoonerist

    Spoon’s build thread

    Good afternoon all, I’ve had some movement with my deuce project. About a week ago I did the FDC bypass. Fuel is still priming to the HH, but just fizz/froth at the injectors. I’m open to suggestions. My next course of action will be to open the “kill switch” plate and limber up the lever...
  2. Spoonerist

    Spoon’s build thread

    Good morning all, Lots of reading later. Looks like the Hydraulic Head needs a cleaning and given the crunchy nature of the fuel lines from the head to the injectors, I’ll clean and probably paint them, at least get the fittings happy. I will likely bypass the fuel density compensator and add...
  3. Spoonerist

    Spoon’s build thread

    Hello all, Some work on the deuce. Finished wiring the new batteries. Popped the fuel pump wire out and tested it with the help of a friend. Getting juice. Took off the cover where the fuse is. Fuse was burnt. I’m ordering one shortly. We temporarily jumped the fuse and the pump works! Opened...
  4. Spoonerist

    Spoon’s build thread

    Good afternoon all, Starting to warm up, I’m preparing to bring the deuce home! To that end I’ll be using a temporary fuel tank with a fitting directly to the secondary filter assembly. What size is the fitting at that point? Does anyone know off the top of your head? My life got super...
  5. Spoonerist

    Spoon’s build thread

    Greetings all, We are into the cold season out here. I’m ready to move forward with this project, but realized the county needs to take a couple of trees down on my driveway, so not a rush to bring her home. I’ve given up on doing the fuel pumping where she is. I’ll use a pony can and drive...
  6. Spoonerist

    Steel Soldiers, users age

  7. Spoonerist

    Spoon’s build thread

    Hello all, It appeared my willingness to manually pump diesel is limited. I got about 5 gallons out and bailed on doing more. I bit the bullet and got a cordless transfer pump. It’ll be useful for my alt fuel set up. I picked up the group 31 batteries. Ouch $$. Next hydraulic lines for my...
  8. Spoonerist

    Spoon’s build thread

    Hello all, A brief update. The drill pump failed. Now I have a lot of 1/2” fuel line, so, not really a problem. I’ll use my manual transfer pump to finish it. Just see that taking time. Looks like about 40 gallons. If I can get the siphon going it’ll be less effort. I looked at the fasteners...
  9. Spoonerist

    Spoon’s build thread

    Hello all, Fall is coming, but it was lovely today. I picked up the barrel, it has some fluid and based on the whiff it is diesel. I delivered it to the deuce and am slowly getting ready to transfer the “fuel”. I took a look at the wires on top of the tanks, they look pretty crusty. I didn’t...
  10. Spoonerist

    New member here in Hawaii, soon to be back on the mainland

    Welcome to the forum from the upper left corner of WA! 🥄
  11. Spoonerist

    Spoon’s build thread

    Greetings from Outer WA, I tackled the oil filter conversions today! Fairly straightforward. I sourced a barrel for the muddy fuel. Still waiting for a truck. It’ll free up the end of the month. I’ve got a nifty drill pump I’ll use for the transfer. A friend is coming up soon and I’ll use...
  12. Spoonerist

    Spoon’s build thread

    Hello all, My fiddling with the fuel tank demonstrated a problem with my steel tools and brass fittings. For this that have removed the in tank lift pump how did you accomplish it without seriously damaging the fasteners? I’ve tracked down a barrel to hold the “fuel”. Now I’m waiting to get my...
  13. Spoonerist

    Spoon’s build thread

    A friend has a small fuel transfer pump that I’ll borrow for this purpose. I’m not quite ready to dive into my wmo process, otherwise I’d try to get a pump that could be used cross purpose. Island politic-ing, I’m back to gaining interest in a centralized shop for machine maintenance. I’ve got...
  14. Spoonerist

    Spoon’s build thread

    The horrible view where I go for cell service… ;)
  15. Spoonerist

    Spoon’s build thread

    Hello all! Finally some time and weather to work on the deuce! Spin-ons occurred today. It went really well, except reinstalling the fuel line from the primary to the secondary at the secondary. Not enough space to get my wrench on the brass piece without stripping it. I may have to drop the...
  16. Spoonerist

    New Member - Texas

    Welcome from the far corner of WA! Cheers, 🥄
  17. Spoonerist

    New member from MN

    Welcome from PNW! Cheers, 🥄
  18. Spoonerist

    New guy check in from Chicago -

    Welcome from BFE, WA! I love your head on photo. My friends asked me to post a picture of my deuce next to a banana for scale… ;p Cheers, Spoon
  19. Spoonerist

    New member in PA

    Welcome from BFE, WA! Cheers, 🥄
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