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  1. agazza2

    HMMWV Blue Force Tracker Setup

  2. agazza2

    MV owners in the San Tan Valley/ Queen Creek area in Arizona?

    We have a few military vehicle collector clubs in the valley. For the east valley we have Arizona Historical Military Transport Association and do quite a few car shows in the east valley. This Sunday we will be at East Valley Cars and Coffee supporting Wheels for Warriors. 7am - 9:30am at...
  3. agazza2

    Interesting M1078 Cab Hydraulic Problem

    It turned out to be the control valve assembly being to worn. Even with new o rings it did the same thing. I replaced the whole assembly and it worked great. I tested a lever control hydraulic manifold and almost went that route. But then before putting it in permanently, I found a original one...
  4. agazza2

    GovPlanet Wins Dec 2022

    Awesome, you picked up a good load of assorted items. How is the pickup at Doyle? Never had to pick up there before.
  5. agazza2

    GovPlanet Wins Dec 2022

    Just wondering what everyone won at GovPlanet auctions this month. I won some more beverage containers out of Red Rock Arizona. Quite a bit of other items I would like to have bid on but no storage for the extras that I would had I sold above the ones I would have kept for myself. Guessi need...
  6. agazza2

    3 Jeep tires from Colorado Springs to AZ or NM

    Did these already get transported for you? If not I will be going there soon to pick up items.
  7. agazza2

    Colorado Springs pickup/1 week storage

    Anyone near Colorado Springs that offer pickup from GovPlanet and could store items till the weekend off me to come up and pickup? My HMMWV EUC finally cleared in Yermo, and I also need to pick items in Colorado Springs this next week. So I am looking at someone that could pick up 5 small items...
  8. agazza2

    SINCGARS Display Radio for Contemporary MV: RT1523C Trainer Radio Demil Housing

    Do you still have any of these available? Is the top cover considered the front face? If so I am interested in one for my M1084A1R - RS/V to put in the full digital radio rack. I want my display to represent the way it was in 5th Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery. DM me if they are still available...
  9. agazza2

    My 2007 M1084A1 rebuild begins

    Here are a few photos with the crane up during a car show. And a few photos of the SanTan Fabworks M2HB I assembled to be used during shows for display. I still need to do some final welding on the barrel, and look at blueing the complete assemble.
  10. agazza2

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    It is a Sanden (4402) SD7H15. I wish I would have kept all my components from my last truck to do the install on the new truck. Prices have went up so much. I am going to see if one of the AC distributor/builders in Phoenix can rework a standard FMTV box and add the AC components if I build...
  11. agazza2

    My 2007 M1084A1 rebuild begins

    I realized I have not updated my post in awhile. I have been busy every weekend since I received the truck working on the rebuild. The summer heat came way to quick in Phoenix, which resulted in working only a few hours in the mornings on it before the temps were to hot. I had it out for a quick...
  12. agazza2

    I have joined the club ! And yes I have lost my mine !

    Randy, looks like a nice ac system. I will be talking to you about this system when I get ready to put ac in the new truck.
  13. agazza2

    New owner in Arizona.

    Welcome from Arizona
  14. agazza2

    My 2007 M1084A1 rebuild begins

    It will go on the new cab. Part of the reason I chose this truck over others that were in better condition.
  15. agazza2

    My 2007 M1084A1 rebuild begins

    I agree that I need a M1095 trailer. They are heavy trailers, but also add to the parade appearance, and would be awesome to load with the crane.
  16. agazza2

    My 2007 M1084A1 rebuild begins

    Thank you. I look forward to restoring it, could not see it being used as a parts vehicle. With the Hiab crane, the production numbers are low. Going to keep it fully original. Would like to make a replica set of tubes that it would have carried, to support the HIMARS. This replica would only be...
  17. agazza2

    My 2007 M1084A1 rebuild begins

    I was able to get a hold of a crane that would come out after I finished work. The replacement cab is sitting on the truck now. Now the fun begins. But it is the progress point that I wanted to be at for the first part of March.
  18. agazza2

    My 2007 M1084A1 rebuild begins

    Yes, the coil over shock design is definitely heavy duty. Trying to research the years they started to put this design on, as I seen some posting were people said they have a A1R and still have the old design shock assemble. And the differences between a A1 and A1R.
  19. agazza2

    My 2007 M1084A1 rebuild begins

    I should have a crane available this week to come out and lift the old cab off, and the new one on. Fabricated up a lift bracket, so the new cab will go on easily by a hired crane. The hired cranes have a tight schedule, and charge by the hour. Spent some time with the Hiab crane in manual mode...
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