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  1. Xengineguy

    M 1078 stake pocket posts.

    Looking for 1 bed steak. M1078 etc. probably fit trailers too? These are the aluminium steaks that fit into the bed pockets. The fold down sides latch into them…..
  2. Xengineguy

    ECO Hubs Who needs 3:07 gears?

    Wanted to post that Eco Hubs have free shipping to the US for the next couple months. Includes Alaska! Use promo code “Steel Soldiers”. We have good stock and can ship fast. Thanks for the support !
  3. Xengineguy

    Severe wheel hop

    Yes they are tapered lug nuts. In a perfect world they should center and be fine. I had one wheel that was damaged at the lug nut tapers from not tightening correctly. it’s now my spare. I use the nuts shown to make sure the wheel studs are true, then tighten the tapered nuts. These...
  4. Xengineguy

    Severe wheel hop

    Im assuming you have stock steel wheels. If you do, remove one or two nuts that hold the wheels together . look to see if the studs are in the centre. If not the whole wheel is off. 1/16” is a lot when the wheel /tire weighs 300 lbs. When I do mine I use steel alignment sleeves over...
  5. Xengineguy

    Eco Hubs. Free shipping!

    For the next few months I’m offering free shipping on my web site EcoHubs.net . Use promo code “Steel Soldiers. (USA only) Thank you for your support! Time to get your Eco Hubs!
  6. Xengineguy

    ECO Hubs Who needs 3:07 gears?

    Yes that’s to clean the rust and years of RTV out of the holes. They must be clean all the way to the bottom of the threads. The install is easier than it seems…. Make sure to put the adapter plates on correct. The smaller disc goes into the hub to help center it. Call with any questions.
  7. Xengineguy

    M 1078 stake pocket posts.

    I will check it out. Thanks!
  8. Xengineguy

    M 1078 stake pocket posts.

    Still looking for bed stakes! Anyone? Need 4. Help.
  9. Xengineguy

    New LMTV owner

    Eco Hubs! Cut your driveline speed in half. Greatly reduce noise. Increase fuel efficiency. I know sounds like a sales pitch! It is! Eco Hubs on special thru the month of May, you get free Delta Locks. ,
  10. Xengineguy

    Free Delta locks

    For the month of May I’m offering free Delta Locks with the purchase of a set of Eco Hubs. 4x4 and 6x6 Visit my web site EcoHubs.net and use promo code “Delta Locks“ on a 4x4. And use “Delta Lock 6x6” for a 6x6. Thank you for your support!
  11. Xengineguy

    ECO Hubs Who needs 3:07 gears?

    Let us know how it works out. Lots of trucks with 3:07 running eco hubs. I would bet you might not be in O.D. At 60 mph. But that’s ok.
  12. Xengineguy

    M 1078 stake pocket posts.

    Lmtv / M1078 bed stake pocket posts, looking for 4 . These are the posts that the bed sides latch into when they are up. Green preferred but whatever is available. Thanks. Mike
  13. Xengineguy

    Tail lights 2004 1078.

    Thank you! Looks like I need a tail light. Looking for a green. Riverside, Led that’s in nice shape/new.
  14. Xengineguy

    Tail lights 2004 1078.

    Anyone have a cheat sheet for the wires on the tail lights? I will check the tm’s when I get time but was hoping for something simple. Need to identify the wires on the tail light left rear. They are tagged with numbers, one is marked ground so that’s a given. Thanks. Mike
  15. Xengineguy

    Lmtv Inner Door Lock Knob

    Inner door lock knobs made of billet aluminium are now available. Cost is 17.00 ea With or w/o Eco Hubs logo. visit Ecohubs.net to order or pm .
  16. Xengineguy

    ECO Hubs Who needs 3:07 gears?

    No problem let me know when you’re ready I will fix you up.
  17. Xengineguy

    ECO Hubs Who needs 3:07 gears?

    Yes they require the split lock. The split lock still locks the axle nut as before. The Delta lock goes between the shims and the split lock. So you have axle nut, shims, Delta lock, split collar in that order. Xtra locking for those that want a more redundant system.
  18. Xengineguy

    ECO Hubs Who needs 3:07 gears?

    Delta Locks in stock. They lock the axle nut to the axle tube Splines. Just like the original inner gear. 55.00 4x4 82.00 6x6 shipped.
  19. Xengineguy

    Eco Hubs. Delta locks

    Delta Locks are available for anyone looking for a more redundancy on the Eco Hubs install.. Delta Locks are simple to install and lock the axle nut to the differential housing splines. The stock shims should be left in place. This spaces the delta lock correctly. The split lock is still used as...
  20. Xengineguy

    Replacement Part m1078 etc.

    Thanks for the feedback, I’m sure they could be available with out the logo. We are working out the details, pricing etc. Again thanks for the input.
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