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  1. Suprman

    3070sp TransPart Numbers

    The -24p tm should show a full breakdown. It may be in the second volume
  2. Suprman

    LBCD Corroded terminals

    If the potting is cracked or studs are loose the box will need replacing. If not you can wire brush the terminals and they should be fine.
  3. Suprman

    Strange starter behavour

    You need to bolt a new ground to a sanded spot on the main frame rail. Other spots may not work
  4. Suprman

    Strange starter behavour

    The main ground goes thru a current shunt the connections deteriorate add the new ground
  5. Suprman

    Strange starter behavour

    Bang bang bang of the starter? Add a big ground cable from the batts negative to a sanded spot on the main frame rail.
  6. Suprman

    M1078A1P2 CTIS Deflating All Tires

    Check the vent line on the pcu case make sure a bug didnt build a nest
  7. Suprman

    Yet another alternator question

    The blue is harness to cab bulkhead. I have them new. You need to check your cab to trans harness see if it looks the same
  8. Suprman

    Yet another alternator question

    The alternator was spinning faster at higher engine rpms
  9. Suprman

    CT FMTV A1 usb diagnostic interface setup

    Real mil DG dpa4plus usb interface with the real cat and ctis software. All you need is a decent laptop running win7 or 10. I havent tried it in 11. Only for A1 lmtv trucks. Nothing to connect to on a first gen truck. 450 shipped. You get the dpa setup as pictured and a mem stick with the...
  10. Suprman

    Add tachometer to M1079

    I have the dash housing and generic tach that fits. First gen trucks have a bellhousing pickup that can drive a tach
  11. Suprman

    School me on Cat ET kits

    I think they are 4 plus usb. I believe you need the usb one for canbus on the c7 trucks.
  12. Suprman

    School me on Cat ET kits

    I will have the original mil dearborn adapters in stock again next week. And if you buy an adapter from me I will include at no cost real mil cat et. It only works on mil engines though. Not on civilian vehicles.
  13. Suprman

    Alternator 12 and 24 volt

    There are two style wtec2 tcms. Physically they appear the same. One is basic and its 12v only and limited to 5 forward gears. The max tcm, which the lmtv uses, is 12-24 and can do 7 forward gears.
  14. Suprman

    Alternator 12 and 24 volt

    The lmtv first gen tcm is max type its 24v
  15. Suprman

    Dearborn adapter woes

    I havent messed with it yet. I use a dearborn ive had for years. I used to use an old cat et clone that worked fine it just fell apart one day. If you have a c7 truck and can’t connect you have to select canbus in the settings.
  16. Suprman

    Dearborn adapter woes

  17. Suprman

    Dearborn adapter woes

    You can get a nexiq clone for around 200 it will connect much easier.
  18. Suprman

    Differences in VIM modules? (and other Trans harness questions)

    Yes do you need the tcm and keypad or just tcm? What is your trans serial?
  19. Suprman

    Locked out of M1084-A1 ... Looking for Suggestions

    Heat gun warm up the cab back window seal and pop it out with a plastic fork tool. Little silicone spray can help too.
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