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  1. flyfishtrailer

    LMTV door hinge lubrication

    Keith, was the bottom hinge bent? Or just misaligned?
  2. flyfishtrailer

    Lowering a M149A2 Water Buffalo Trailer??

    I believe they now have a 2 axle 8 tire version of the water buffalo trailer as I seem to recall a few going up for auction. I cannot remember the M configuration for the model, but they have them.
  3. flyfishtrailer

    New ongoing opportunity upcoming to move my Expedition Campers across US

    So are you just looking for drivers? Interested and living in California, but just need to know exactly what you are looking for.
  4. flyfishtrailer

    Mounting plate identification

    I have never seen that plate before and have had a couple of M1102's. There were some variants that had racks for comms gear, but I think you got a random piece from something else.
  5. flyfishtrailer

    Proper paint codes for 1986 M1008 CUCV ?

    Your welcome. My first piece of Green Iron (with engines as I have had several trailers) was a M1028 dually truck. Had a lot of fun and learned a lot on this forum from those in the know. My stepson drives it as his daily now (although he has done some mods I was not fond of). My current one is...
  6. flyfishtrailer

    Any interest on a deep dive into Cat C12 oil systems? Specifically into Oil Pressure?

    I don't have a truck that big (M1078 with CAT 3116), but it is always good to learn more. Even if there is not a ton of folks asking questions now, preserving your knowledge on a thread may help folks down the road as more of these trucks hit the civilian market.
  7. flyfishtrailer

    I just maybe just bought this!,......

    Now you just need to buy a plane?
  8. flyfishtrailer

    Proper paint codes for 1986 M1008 CUCV ?

    Welcome to SS and nice truck to start the addiction. There are a TON of threads involving all of the proper paint codes if you do a search. Using the search tools also will give you a lot of threads to read and a lot of different ways to do the same thing correctly. Also, if you were not aware...
  9. flyfishtrailer

    Severe wheel hop

    Did you discover the issue? I am curious to hear what it was. Hopefully something simple.
  10. flyfishtrailer

    MEP 802A Fix-up Thread

    Was the leak from the return line coming off the hose barb? I just had to fix mine. It didn't have a hose clamp on it which allowed it to pop right off. Has one now and no more leak.
  11. flyfishtrailer

    M1102 Shop Trailer Build - Overland Project (as I go)

    Did you read this one yet? (2) Another way to lower an M1101/M1102 | SteelSoldiers
  12. flyfishtrailer

    California Title and CDL Requirements: M35A2

    There have been a ton of threads regarding registering military vehicles in California (or not as the state is trying really hard to not allow it to happen). The CDL requirements are for 3 axles or more, but the weight is under 26,000 not 6,000. The air brakes bring a next level into the...
  13. flyfishtrailer

    M149A2 Fix-up Thread

    About this time last year, I was up at the Doyle GP yard for a pick up...they had over 100 (we tried counting but couldnt see that far down) water trailers for auction, even a few of the newer dual axle 8 wheeled variety.
  14. flyfishtrailer

    M56B1 questions

    take lots of pictures please......for those of us too far away to attend.
  15. flyfishtrailer


    where did you find that kit?
  16. flyfishtrailer

    New LMTV owner

    It may be, but it might also be for a 5 ton, that NSN is actually for one of the bows specifically and not the kit itself. That particular NSN pops up on 9 differnt LMTV kits. 2.5 and 5 ton.
  17. flyfishtrailer

    M715 CAT/Allison conversion

    I am sooooo loving this truck. Great job and well thought out!
  18. flyfishtrailer

    Cannon plug comparison

    Are they the same as these? Amphenol MS3456W16-10P
  19. flyfishtrailer

    SHC 60 Heater no start.

    So I am trying to remember who here had a thread that talked about fooling the battery sensor. I have never had mine do that (not using the battery pack issued, but two battery's). I have used it in temps around 25-30 and not had it refuse to start. Let me do some more digging.
  20. flyfishtrailer

    SHC 60 Heater no start.

    Did you count the number of beeps with the error light and cross check what the machine is telling you? The error codes are on the back of the control box if I remember correctly, but definitely in the TM. What temp was it that you were trying to start it in?
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