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  1. G744

    CA Hagerty Alternatives?

    My 5-ton is on my regular Safco auto policy, with two other trucks. No restrictions other than not a daily driver, and it runs about $50/month for PD/PL coverage. within the policy. DG
  2. G744

    M35a2 air filter element: commercial part #?

    Duece and 5-ton air filters are very different. No swap there. If I had a duece I'd be tempted to modify it by putting a 5-ton filter on the fender. They last a loooong time, and are washable. DG
  3. G744

    What was...? (Answered: M530 GOER)

    Yep, that's it. Was driving me crazy trying to remember the name. DG
  4. G744

    What was...? (Answered: M530 GOER)

    The large, articulated 4X4 (US) from the 50's? Seemed to be a sort of a giant pickup truck. DG
  5. G744

    Just spitballing...winching out your own deuce while alone.

    A reverse pull is simple. Take your shovel off the pioneer tool rack, and start digging. Under the truck, from front to rear to run the cable. Been there, done that. In gloppy mud, BTW. A sideways pull is tricky without a level-wind attachment. Some 5-tons have them, never seen one on a...
  6. G744

    Just spitballing...winching out your own deuce while alone.

    The stock winch is strong enough to suck the truck up into a tree. Learn how to operate it right and you'll have no danger. Get yourself a good 20K chain with 2 hooks, a snatch block, and leather gloves. US made only! You may have to slog thru 3 foot mud to hook it to something stout enough...
  7. G744

    2 1/2 ton windshield frame to m37

    M35-type glass frames will fit the M37 no problem. I have seen some from M35's that had the wiper holes offset to the side a bit, but that is no biggie. DG
  8. G744

    M211 Radar unit truck, interior photos anyone?

    Possible but unlikely. The military didn't 'marry' a lot of used stuff onto trucks except at the unit level. In your case, that load would seriously limit the vehicle off-road due to placement. I'd wager it was done by a previous civilian owner. Plus, you're looking at a truck and system...
  9. G744

    M211 Radar unit truck, interior photos anyone?

    Your box was a very special, almost custom, shelter designed just for a particular radar project. As shown in the photos, it was quite a complex group of several items to move into a combat area and set up. Your shelter most likely came from a decomissioned radar system. Radar companies like...
  10. G744

    WTB...10" (wheel size) tires

    Those as used on USAF airway ground trailers. I need at least one, and some 10" tubes/flaps if there are any out there. 9" ones would work, too, as I have wheels. Text me please if you can help 6027100803 Dennis Thanks!
  11. G744

    M211 Radar unit truck, interior photos anyone?

    From the photos, I'd say it was originally a trailer mounted specialty shelter. Dennis
  12. G744

    M211 Radar unit truck, interior photos anyone? As said, I don't think your truck was originally part of this radar system...
  13. G744

    Engine Stop Knob Missing?

    Any tee-handle Bowden cable will work, just paint it OD. Just make sure it is long enough. Napa, Amazon, eBay, eTc. DG
  14. G744

    3 Jake heads under a stock M809 hood!!!

    That is a lot prettier than the one I saw... DG
  15. G744

    3 Jake heads under a stock M809 hood!!!

    I mentioned the hood clearance as there was an 800- series in a local guard unit with a little box welded to the hood to allow fit. Cheesy looking... DG
  16. G744

    Engine failure, rebuild, with turbo, jakes.

    If memory holds, a Jake will raise the valve covers such that the hood won't clear. DDG
  17. G744

    sprag/overrun testing

    None of mine make any sound when engaging, it just happens. You'll never know when, but it can start to get stuck and then just walk out of trouble like magic. DDG
  18. G744

    What grease for wheel bearings?

    Any good grease but moly. It turns to mush when mixed with even a tiny bit of gear oil, and I guarantee oil will leak a bit. DDG
  19. G744

    240V 3ph on MEP-806B. Is it safe?

    Most 240V loads will do OK on 208V. Certain motors will draw more current at that voltage. I have been running HVAC units designed for 230V on 208V for years with no problems. Just take two legs & neutral off the genset, and be happy with about 75% of rated output. DDG
  20. G744

    Hub flip or wider stance

    Corrected, thanks. DG
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