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    Attaching a new cable to the front winch on a deuce

    I bought a winch, and it came without the cable. I have looked and looked and cannot find any information on how the cable actually attaches to the winch. I have a clevis for the business end, but do not know what the other end is supposed to be like and how it attaches. Any help in this...
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    Front spindle axle bushing reaming

    I replaced the spindle bushing on my deuce and cannot find any info on what the clearance should be between the axle and the bushing, and or if it requires reaming. The manual just says if it is bad, replace the spindle. Since there are replacement bushing, there must be a procedure to do...
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    Deuce front winch framework bolts

    I am trying to find information on the long bolts that connect the bumper to the frame extensions, and the Winch support long bolts. the ones I am looking for are the bolts that run thru the frame structure, the front ones are about a foot long and the shorter long ones are about 6" long. Any...
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    Air Pack rebuild Leftover Part

    I have looked at all of the pictures of the Air Pack(AP) parts, and I don't see what I have left over after a rebuild. I know I know there shouldn't be any left over parts, but either I don't have the updates to the rebuild manual, or the part does not belong to the AP. I believe it goes in...
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    Deuce 3053A tranny rebuild issue

    I am sorry for not knowing if this exist, but I looked and don't see it. I am rebuilding a deuce tranny, and when I put the main shaft back in, 2nd gear comes in contact with the reverse idler PTO gear. I don't know if this will work it self out when the rest of the parts for the rear of the...
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