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    MEP-803A smoking under load.

    I was under the impression that these were made for 10KW. It wouldn’t even know it was there? Dang brother those are some hard core chewing sets you been working around. How many KW do you suggest running continuously?
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    Need a 803a engine

    I would buy another 803A. And keep the old one for parts.
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    these sets are being parted out on eBay pretty consistently, enough to where parts are very easy to find.
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    MEP 803a Engine Sludged Up

    Central Texas, but I travel most of the time working for FEMA.
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    Mep802a coolent

    What did you use to clean the clog? Nothing else’s was clogged? Seems like it would be everywhere the coolant touches.
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    MEP 803a Engine Sludged Up

    Is the broken set for sale? edit: Never mind I see your too far from me.
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    MEP-803A smoking under load.

    wet-staking looks like black goo. don’t go over 10k for long. I use these sets all the time they do not like to go over 10KW.
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    PU-406/M searching for info and parts.

    That set looks to be in amazing shape. All most hard to believe it’s so old. I’m jealous.
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    Need help with mep802

    Is there power at the controls at all? I think your emergency stop might be pushed in. Best to check the simple things first.
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    Mep802a coolent

    Gasket maker is something everyone should have in their tool box, but I only use it when i can’t get factory made gaskets. Also the gasket maker is only as good as the person applying it. Do you mind if a ask what the plans are for this set?
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    Mep802a coolent

    If that stuff doesn’t dissolve easy, I would think the motor needs to be rebuilt if you expect it to be reliable. I would try to get it to dissolve without scrubbing that way you know the other areas You can’t scrub or see are dissolving as well.
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    MEP 803a Engine Sludged Up

    Could be time to make it a parts set and buy a whole new unit.
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    Mep802a coolent

    Might as well replace it even if it still works while your in there.
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    Mep802a coolent

    Also measure temp at the temp sensor. How long did the set run for?
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    Mep802a coolent

    I would test the thermostat with hot water.
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    MEP 803a Engine Sludged Up

    They surly didn’t change the oil. I would think that those components are all effected by that much sludge/lack of oil change so they need to be replaced. I mean I’m assuming they didn’t change the oil here.
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    Bringing diesel generators back into service?

    Are these military units?
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    Water Separator Filter Removal

    The answer is just to turn it harder, Use a cheater bar and a strap wrench or similar. You might as well get a hole set of heavy duty strap wrench’s if you don’t have them. Don’t buy the ones at the big box stores they are too weak.
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    MEP-803 install with automatic transfer & remote monitoring

    You can move it over a bit with a 2byfour as a lever. That’s how I place these the final few feet. Just don’t put pressure on any of the weak points underneath.
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    MEP-803A won't start

    I bet there’s more corrosion and grime in this set you have. In my opinion these sets need to be worked through pretty deeply when you get them. I think you almost have to have mechanical know how to keep these running. There a far cry from the reliability of modern continuous run rated...
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