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    Lmtv a1r door lock key?

    On the newer style pull handle door locks does anyone know what type of key blank is used. It seems that it does not use the older style Volvo key blank.
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    LMTV Hawaii to Port Hueneme?

    Anyone ever shipped from Hawaii to Port Hueneme CA?
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    M105a2 nv to tx

    Howdy, Just starting a road trip from Ely Nevada to Dallas Texas with my Dodge and my 105A2 to Dallas Texas. The trailer will continue on to Tennessee after I drop it off with fuzzytoaster. Im hauling a nice collection of LMTV parts to bring along for fuzzy. The trailer has a new owner and...
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    Barstow/Yermo Week of May 21st 2018

    I'm heading to Barstow/Yermo this week to pick up a gen for a friend. Anyway while I'm there does anyone have anything that needs to be picked up? I have a 35 foot gooseneck flat deck trailer mostly empty. I can haul back to Vegas for you or work on handing off to fellow members heading...
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    Storage Fee's GOV PLANET Updated Enforcement Policy.

    After speaking with several contact's that work for GovPlanet I was told that they will start enforcing pick up dates and charging for storage fee's soon. Of course if you are waiting for a EUC item to clear that should not be included as being late, although the emails they send seem like...
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    New 1009

    Just got my new 1009 home. My First CUCV for my motor pool.
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    Locked out of Cab

    Has anyone locked themselves out of the cab? How did you get the door open if so? A friend asked my what to do if this happened? I don't lock my doors however I'm sure it could happen. I looked on the forum and found mostly about doing a re key nothing about being locked out.
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    Lockborne OH to Nevada or ??????

    Howdy all, Well been looking for a replacement engine for my hmmwv. I have a hmmwv engine at lockborne in a container with GL. Would be interested in doing a pick up and dropping off with fastnall? Or any other suggestions? My hmmwv cracked the block a few months ago and I have been...
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    Goats at Hill Air Force Base Utah.

    I was at Hill Air Force Base yesterday and saw these goats all lined up at the dla lot. It looks like they were being returned and there are currently being processed. I'm not sure what the D Mill code is for a goat and as far as if they're going to be scrapped or sold. Anyway it was a very...
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    First FMTV M1083

    Well have her home and the work starts. Really no problem so far other than some light rust. Still has the date CARC 1997 paint, as I don't see any updated CARC dates. Changed the battery back from 2 battery system to the 4 battery system. Found out if I used the 12v lighting it killed...
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    Lmtv lighting

    Does anyone have the electrical wiring diagram for replacing the tail lights and the front turn directional turn lights as far as to what numbers on the 1083 connect to the multi-purpose lights. On the 1083 there 61 62 63 and 64 and on the bucket there 2124 and excetera does anyone have a...
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    FMTV in Nevada

    Anyone have any experience in Nevada with a FMTV at the DMV? I have see some post about Duces and 5 tons. Thanks in advance!
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    Franklin Park, Illinois pick up then to Fastnall?

    Anyone in the Franklin Park, Illinois area that can do a pick up then to Fastnall? Looking at the 2 man troop cover and soft doors for the HMMWV. Thanks. Tim
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    My Twins M998's

    737516 -------------------------------------- 737519 20JUL2016 ----------------------------------28JUN2016 Well what is better than waiting for one EUC to clear than 2? :naner: I now own 2 M998's, however they are waiting for a release. They both were from the same...
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    NV Army National Guard Convoy July 2016

    I was on my way to work this morning and to my surprise the 72nd MP Company was on a road march.
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    HMMWV Hauler

    Well I would like to thank everyone who played "Name the Trailer" So I'm still looking for a Hauler for my HMMWV. A guy wants to sell this to me at a really good price. It is under the projected GVR of a HMMWV however seems very solid. Any feed back? I'm not at crunch time yet still...
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    HEMMT seat in a M998?

    Has anyone put, tried, or thought about putting a HEMMT drivers seat in a HMMWV?
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    6.5 Question

    Did the 6.5 come with anything other than the serp belt? Thanks
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    Nevada M1009

    Just wanted to show an old Vet that is still working! Takes the summers off here in Las Vegas though!
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    Name this Trailer ?

    I'm looking for a trailer to buy for my M998 pick up at Yermo. I have a Ram 2500 W/6.7 Cummins. This trailer should be able to do the trick it is a 14x8. I doub't my truck would have any issues pulling the trailer with the M998. Question is; What Nomenclature is this trailer? What do you...
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