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    CTIS system for an A3

    So I happened across a complete, and I mean complete CTIS system for an A3. How difficult would it be to install it on an A2 or would it be worth the effort? It was meticulously removed from an A3 that is going into wildland fire service. I have everything all the way down to the wheel bearings...
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    oil leak at Injection pump to block

    How the heck do you change the line from the block to the Injection pump? I am having **** getting the old line off. Someone has installed a pushlock fitting on the block and the inj pump end is a flare nut. Any ideas that do not require pulling the pump?
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    What are these trucks exactly?

    I ran across these on a ranch today and am not exactly sure what they are. I know 2 of them are deuces but not what years, etc... The red one is different. I t is much wider with huge axles. Any idea on years and any value here? they are mostly complete with Gasoline engines.
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    Air over hydraulic brake problem

    I am having issues getting the brakes to work in my 1972 M-35. I replaced the master cylinder and have air pressure, I still have stiff pedal. I must be missing something somewhere. It seems to be pretty simple system. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Newb from Wyoming here

    just bought an M-35 1972 model and about to get to work bringing it back to life. anything i should do specifically before i start it? It has sat for 3 years. all fluids are good.
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