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    Shift lever "neutral return" spring tension in only one direction

    After reading up about sloppy shift levers I went and tightened the nut on the shaft to better grip on the stub shaft, that definitely helped the play (pretty much solved it). However what I'm now noticing (couldn't even tell before with all the play) is that the spring to return the shifter to...
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    Can you use the Clutch Lever to operate the winch from outside?

    NO! I knew the lever won't disengage under load, however I didn't realize the weight of the cable alone is enough to prohibit disengaging! I'd finished cleaning and lubing the cable and was winding it neatly. I'd stopped several times without problem, however at the last 2 feet or so the lever...
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    Installing an M35A3 aluminum fuel tank on an M35A2

    I did this yesterday and figured I'd write it up though it was relatively straightforward. The old steel tank was pretty nasty (though I've seen worse) and I was able to pick up an A3 tank for a great price. I started by cleaning out the A3 tank by hand. I first drained about 5 gallons of off...
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    Purpose of the Reverse Gear Shifter shaft that sticks out the transmission cover?

    I was crawling around under my truck and noticed a nice shiny metal linkage sticking out of the rear of the transmission cover. It is item #16 in this picture: It is designated as the following in TM 9-2520-346-34P: It looks like this is an unused linkage for some kind of add-on item that...
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    Yet another project: My new 1969 Kaiser (Jeep) M35A2 in MD

    Thought I'd start up a thread on my new Deuce. I bought this off of SS member Kaiserjeeps, who (in ID) was kind enough to help get it packed up on its way to me (in MD)...a long haul. He had it listed briefly (1 month maybe) here in the classifieds, and it worked out that while he had it off...
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    Hierarchy of M44 Series Technical Manuals (which technical manual supersedes which)

    There are many Deuce TM's listed on this site and elsewhere, some of which appear to overlap in topic and content, some of which are newer than others. I made a little list of the TM's I had and how they relate to each-other and thought I'd post it up. Forgive if this info is posted elsewhere...
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    Breton Industries - a source for new manufacture mil-spec cargo covers

    I found Breton Industries last night as a supplier of new manufacture canvas covers for the military and asked for a price quote for a tri-color camo M35 cover. I've seen some (limited) talk about them on the board, but figured I'd post the quote they gave: NOS covers are going for $800 -...
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    Multifuel Cab heater (flame style) information request (part numbers)

    I've searched and read several really good threads on these units including this one which I've bookmarked. However most of them are dedicated to troubleshooting them and there is confusion on which PN's are being discussed. What I'm still unclear on are the part numbers and models. I know...
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    A lurker no more, new guy from Maryland

    Hey guys, been reading here intensively for a year or more now, and finally pulling the trigger on a private sale for an M35A2 from a member here. Figured I'd introduce myself and more importantly a big THANK YOU to the many members who have compiled the great bit of knowledge here on the site...
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