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  1. 41cl8m5

    M35a3 schematics

    Hi to all. Most TM's have the schematics for the vehicles listed in them. I have done a search to see if anyone has found the ones on the M35a3 series trucks and came up blank. So I thought I would help out those that have a hard time navigating the TM's. In this case it is in TM...
  2. 41cl8m5

    M1010 Re-Paint

    The MVCC (Military Vehicle Collector's of Colorado) was asked to participate in this years Denver Auto Show. The only catch was the powers to be wanted to see pictures of the vehicles so they could say "yes or no" to being in the show. The photo that the club sent in of my wife's M1010 is from a...
  3. 41cl8m5

    GL did they just update their site?

    I was cruzing the GL site and it just changed. The pitures can be seen in full size. Do you think they saw the commits made here?
  4. 41cl8m5

    M1010 Electrical Drain on front Batt.

    I have been scratching my head as what is going on with the front battery draining. A little back ground. I bid on a M1010 that was up for auction at Ft. Riley back in January. I was out bid by $100 but was way over what the wife said to do. Afterward she desided lossing it by $100 was not...
  5. 41cl8m5

    m35a2 cargo cover install

    This is the install I did 9 days ago. The TM's are helpful. The diferance between the two TMs is the style of cover: TM9-2320-209-10-4, Section VII, #2-14, page 2-54 shows the older style cover with the end covers separate from the main. TM9-2320-361-10 (2006), Chapter 2, 0035 00, page 0035 00-1...
  6. 41cl8m5

    515 mile recovery

    Ok here it goes, I won the auction from GL on a M35a2 wo/w. I was altered at the time of my bid. I never thought I would win. I was watching the action and someone got right to my max bid but no joy, it was mine after waiting about 30 minutes on overtime from GL. What did I get myself into? How...
  7. 41cl8m5

    m101a2 looking for stuff to complete

    I have a M101a2 that I won from GL but by the time I was able to retreve it someone removed the rear lifting shackles (2ea), I've been looking everywhere with no luck. They are the extra large bow type. Hopfully someone here can help me out. the atachment shows the ones on the front. I'm...
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