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    M1009 No power to the dash or lights or anything from the bulkhead

    Hi Guys I need advice. I have power from the batteries to starter and to the bulkhead/firewall but as soon as it enters the cab I get nothing no power anywhere but I do to the antenna mounts behind the seats that is the only place. it doesn’t start or turn on or over. I have no power at all...
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    Looking for a Mobile HMMWV Mechanic in Lancaster CA Area

    Hi I have a HMMWV in Lancaster CA area that has no power-steering or brakes but runs fine. Looking for someone who a Mobile HMMWV Mechanic and able to come fix this vehicle for me on my drive. If anyone can recommend someone id appreciate it. Regards Tom
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    Giving humvee a service need advice

    Hi guys Im doing an oil change on my humvee and need to know what oil to replace it with?? What type of oil and fuel filter do I need? What Glow plugs are the best?
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    Looking for anyone in the Lancaster CA area with NOS or Mint Condition Hoods

    Hi Guys I broke my hood off the hinges so I need a NOS or Mint condition hood. Does anyone in the Lancaster/Palmdale CA area have one for sale at a reasonable price? Dont need lights or anything i will transfer the old ones over. Any info on someone who might have a Hood at a reasonable...
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    What does M998 A1/A2 mean? What have they upgraded to make it A1 or A2?

    Hi Guys I just wondered what makes them A1 or A2 what have they upgraded or done to them to give them that A1 or A2 status?
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    Need a Shipper in CA

    Hi guys got my HMMWV Approved just need to move it now from the base to my brothers house it's about a 110 mile trip one way I've got the vehicle listed on VeriTread but it hasn't offered me any good shippers just mainly brokers and I don't like that because I don't know the shipper then. I...
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    Information and possibly wrong area

    Hi Guys & Girls Ive been doing my Research about the V-100/150 and understand the Portuguese made there own version of the V-100/150 commando called the Bravia Chaimite I was wondering if there was anyone on here that had any contacts with the Portuguese government or Army in regards to...
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    HMMWV Junk Yards in California or anywhere

    Hi guys Just wondering if there any junk yards in California or anywhere we can get access to for parts and doors I would prefer they were in California but anywhere is cool I just want to see if such places exist
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    Anyone had any experience with California DMV using SF97 form

    From the lovely warning I got from warthog I'm not looking for a skirting way round the Off-Road title thing Just want to know if anyone has had any experience with the California DMV and if they know what to do with the SF97 Form or if I need to get clued up on the law and process
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    Are the HMMWV on Govplanet/Ironplanet legit

    Hi guys Looking at buying one on there website and want to know if they are a legit company or scammers How long do you have to wait to get the EUC form confirmed Edit : I'm a permanent resident of the US so I count as a US citizens I know I have London set as my location but I do have a...
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