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    MD LMTV Brand new CTIS controllers A0

    I have 10 brand new CTIS controllers. 8 are still sealed in the box two are without the box but also brand new. These are the green CTIS controllers so only for the A0 trucks. These don't work on the A1 trucks !!! I can reprogram them to any desired tire pressure setting or cancel the CTIS...
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    Pickup Cab assembly Doyle CA

    Is anyone close to Doyle CA to pickup a LMTV Cab assembly and store it for a couple of weeks. Thanks, Berend
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    Argo 6x6 bathtub on wheels :)

    A running Argo 6x6 from Seagrove 27341 NC to Marriottsville 21104 MD No hurry 5 ft wide. 8 ft long. 40 inches tall. I’d guess about 1,000 lbs Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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    Junction City Kansas to Marriotsville MD Moved

    I'm looking for someone who can pickup a truck from the base in Junction city Kansas and bring it to Marriotsville MD 21140. It's a 2003 M1078A1 not running !!
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    Anybody near Ft Riley Kansas ?

    Hello , Are there members near Ft Riley Kansas with room to store a M1078A1 for a couple of weeks. Thanks, Berend
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    Removing Cab

    What is the easiest way to remove the Cab from an LMTV. In a couple of weeks I’m going to swap a cab. Any tips ? Thanks Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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    A1 ABS diagnostic software

    I have the software that is needed to readout the abs ECU. It’s called Meritor Wabco toolbox. With this you readout trouble codes clear them , control the valves, see individual wheel Speeds etc. I tested it today and works perfectly. If anyone is interested in it I can share the software for...
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    (Was) Stranded in North Florida Woodbine with second blowout and no spare anymore. Case resolved.

    We are stranded in Georgia Florida 31569 with our second blowout and no spare tire left. Is there a member within aprox. 250 miles where we can buy a tire from. Or can somebody recommend anybody here in North Florida that has LMTV tires. 395/85R20 Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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    Pickup day Albany, Georgia

    Just bought 2 trucks in Albany Georgia, does anybody know which day of the week the inspector is normally there. It's the first time I buy a truck from there so I don't have the inspectors number or e-mail.
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    Somebody close to Fort Bragg ?

    Is there a member who is close to Fort Bragg who can pickup a cargo cover for me that I bought from GP.
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    Battery Box With extendable battery tray , never seen it before.

    I just acquired this new battery box with extendable battery tray. Never seen it before. Does anybody know more about this new type is box. Is it used in the newest LMTV's ?
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    Need some help in Puerto Rico

    Hello, I bought a FMTV in Puerto Rico and need some help arranging some small things before shipping to USA mainland. Time & expenses paid off course. If anybody has time send me a PM or e-mail. Thanks
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    LMTV Abs troubleshooting

    Hello I have a 2001 M1078A1 where the abs light stays on. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot the abs or read the abs codes ?
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    Location of the Output Speed Sensor

    Can someone tell me the location is of the Out Put Speed senor. The connector is on transfer case. On the opposite site of the connector ( rear side of the transfer case ) there is a access hatch. I have the feeling the sensor should be there.
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    Tow company recommendation near Fort Meade Maryland

    Can anybody recommend a good towing company near Fort Meade. I need a M1078 pulled from the base and stored somewhere for 2 or 3 months. I found " Lenny's Towing" to be the closest but after reading there google reviews I'm now sure if I want to do business with them. Thanks, Berend
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    M1078 Cat 3116 Hard Start

    Hello guys, I have a problem with my lmtv, doesn’t matter if the engine is hot or cold it needs to crank for approximately 10 to 15 seconds before she fires up. When it fires up she runs good and doesn’t smoke. When I shut it down and start it immediately again it sometimes is better but...
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    Who is running on B100 bio diesel ?

    I'm thinking about making my own B100 Bio Diesel to put inside my Military trucks and Hummer. I own a M923A2 ,S&S M1078 with Cat 3116 and S&S M1081A1 with Cat C7. Who is driving with B100 in there Vehicles and can share there experiences using it. Thanks
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    Bought an M1081

    Hello , I bought a beautiful M1081 on Gov planet , it’s located in Columbia SC and I need to drive it to Norfolk. Can anybody recommend a temporary insurance? By the way , i’m not a us citizen or have an address in the us. Thanks, Berend
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    Does anyone have an broken N1511 alternator for parts ? Looking for connector

    I'm looking for the male connector to the N3207 voltage regulator of the N1511 alternator. ( 6 pin threaded male connector alternator side ) or need a new N3030 voltage regulator. I currently have the older N1506 alternator, the only thing wrong with mine is that the voltage regulator ( N3030 )...
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