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    M1009 Reclinable Seatback Brackets

    All, I am looking for some reclinable brackets for the seatbacks of our front seats. I need 2 pair for the front seats, with covers. Please let me know what you got. Thanks
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    Rear Exterior Spare Tire Carrier

    Just another "hey, I didn't know this was out there" part. I have been looking at some different options, for different areas of my M1009. 5 years after she rolled off the CUCVRUS assembly line I am looking at some improvements I don't want to permanently modify anything, so the list is short...
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    Scepter Fuel Cans

    Didn't know where to post this, so if this violates any rules, please delete. I just picked up 3, almost brand new, Scepter Fuel cans (5G). The price was very good (ridiculous actually), as he didn't know what he was selling. Anyway, the guy had two cans left, in dirty, but in good condition...
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    Heating System Upgrade or Auxiliary Heater?

    Has anyone upgraded their stock heat exchanger/blower motor or maybe installed an aftermarket auxiliary heating system in their M1009's? It's gets cold in New England and I sometimes make trips up into Maine and NH when it is Zero or below out. Truck runs great, but as for heat, not so much...
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    LED Light Idiot Check

    I am gathering parts and pieces to convert all my M1009 lighting to LED. Just to make sure, and from what I remember reading, the only lights that should n't be converted to LED are the GEN 1 indicator lamp in the dash and the front side makers. Is that correct? I did purchase the proper...
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    Heater Blower Motor

    My heater blower died and I am going to replace it, but I have a question before I pull the trigger. Has anyone upgraded their old blower motor to a more powerful unit? Is there such a thing? And if there is, did it require a lot of reconfiguring of the housing or anything else?
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    Another Glow Plug - Starting Issue Thread

    It was 26 yesterday morning and I couldn't roll my girl over (my M1009 guys, my M1009). Since the temps have dropped lately, she has been reluctant to start without excessive cranking, but she started. Not yesterday. Once she was warmed up, it is first turn of the key and BAM, she is running...
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    Steering Drag Link

    OK, did my semi-annual greasing and lube under my M1009, getting her ready for winter. Went to grease up the drag link and noticed it moved quite easily (like lots of play in it). I squeezed some grease into the zerk nearest the steering box and a bunch of water squeezed out before I saw any...
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    M1009 Different Seat Installation Question

    OK, I just need to do something for a bit more comfort while driving in the 09. I have the opportunity to pick up a pair of decent condition 2003 Silveraldo manual bucket seats (the console doesn't come with them). I have sat in them many times and they are way more comfortable than the stock...
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    Squealing Belt Question

    M1009 - Stock set up, all new belts. My question is this: All warmed up, she doesn't squeal. If I start her after she has been sitting for a while, or over night, in any weather, I will get belt squeal. Now, here is the quicker. They only squeal while the alternators are charging and the...
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    Where's the HEAT !!

    So, I had brought my oldest son's tractor down from NH to have a friend do some extensive work on it. Since that storm was headed for us I wanted to trailer it back up to him before all this snow came down so he could plow the driveway instead of having to shovel the 14" by hand (it is a long...
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    headlight and horn, M1009 advice needed

    OK, in the last few weeks I have lost my horn and my fuel gauge (just reads hyper full), both at the same time. I also keep having a nagging problem with my passenger side headlight. It blew again this morning. I disassembled the headlight plug, checked it, cleaned it and reassembled. Looked...
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    Stuck Headlight Switch Operating Rod

    OK, headlights are giving me an issue. Drivers side is 100%, passenger comes on 70% of the time at about 20%. Very dim. Sometimes, if a fiddle with the headlight switch, it comes up to 100%. So, being the genius that I am, I go out and buy a new headlight switch. Heck, I even read up on how...
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    Brake line, Fuel Filter Base, Transmission Rear Seal and Radiator Leak

    Ok, the truck was sitting for two weeks and I noticed three (OK, four, but I knew about one) very separate puddles under her. First I found that the brake line "block" on top of the rear diff was leaking..a lot. A quick and careful turn of the wrench looks to have fixed that. Funny how that...
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    TruckLite Flood Lights

    Rick, Can you post some pics of your Trucklite Flood light install you did on one of your trucks. I bought a set and I am trying to figure out how to mount them up front on the grill guard. Thanks, Scott
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    Hydraulic Brake Booster Change Out

    OK, got everything disconnected from the brake booster itself. She is disconnected from the pedal inside the truck and the brake fluid reservoir, brake lines, etc are all removed. I then removed the 4 15mm nuts inside the engine compartment holding that big metal mounting plate to the...
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    IP for 84 M1009

    Found this for sale by me locally. Can it be used in my M1009? DB2-S4267 Thanks !
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    What OEM 16" Wheels Will Properly Fit the M1009 (From Any Make or Model), If Any???

    What OEM 16" Wheels Will Properly Fit the M1009 (From Any Make or Model), If Any??? I am wondering what, if any, 16" wheels from any make or model will properly fit my M1009? I am looking to go a bit bigger on my tires (running stock 31x15" now) and I am trying to see what options are out...
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    Overseas Buyer

    Quick question. I have an inquiry from overseas about buying my 1009. Aside from other precautions I will take, is it legal to sell her to someone overseas. Citizen or non-citizen?? I'd prefer not to run afoul of the law. Thank you.
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    Cummins 2.8 Repower ??

    Just an off the wall question. Today I saw that Cummins is bringing out a 2.8 diesel crate motor, rated at 160 hp, 260 ft lbs torque. Since those are the same (2.8 has more HP) specs as the 4bt, I was wondering if anyone has used the 2.8 to re power a CUCV? It would be lighter and I am...
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