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    M1009 Engine Oil

    LOL ! The post you responded to is from 2009.
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    M1009 Reclinable Seatback Brackets

    Sorry for the delay, PM'd you.
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    M1009 Reclinable Seatback Brackets

    Will that do both front seats?
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    M1009 Reclinable Seatback Brackets

    All, I am looking for some reclinable brackets for the seatbacks of our front seats. I need 2 pair for the front seats, with covers. Please let me know what you got. Thanks
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    Rust is the enemy!

    I use Fluid Film. Spray down the underneath, inside the door and tailgate each fall. Don't get anything on the driveshaft or any other rotating parts. $10 for a 16oz spray can. Stuff creeps in the smallest nooks and crannies. Is it the best, I don't know. But the cost is reasonable, it's...
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    Rear Exterior Spare Tire Carrier

    Skinny, what bumper did you start with? I like the set-up.
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    Rear Exterior Spare Tire Carrier

    Skinny, I am up there all the time, visiting the boys and trips to PNSY. I'll PM you and maybe we can get together for coffee in the spring, when I'll be driving the 09 again.
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    28MT Starter

    For the starter, there are several different part numbers. Is this the correct unit part number for the 6.2? 21580DR Starter- Delco 28MT
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    Rear Exterior Spare Tire Carrier

    Skinny, While I can agree with you, for those of us who don't have the skills or tool necessary to do that, this seems like a really decent alternitve. Plus, it's easy to install/remove, very well made and it looks good too. I have some custom ideas, but I don't know anyone around me that...
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    Rear Exterior Spare Tire Carrier

    Just another "hey, I didn't know this was out there" part. I have been looking at some different options, for different areas of my M1009. 5 years after she rolled off the CUCVRUS assembly line I am looking at some improvements I don't want to permanently modify anything, so the list is short...
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    Scepter Fuel Cans

    Didn't know where to post this, so if this violates any rules, please delete. I just picked up 3, almost brand new, Scepter Fuel cans (5G). The price was very good (ridiculous actually), as he didn't know what he was selling. Anyway, the guy had two cans left, in dirty, but in good condition...
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    Fire extinguisher that fits existing mount M1009

    LOL!! Purple K ! Use it once and then totally write off the equipment it was used on. That stuff makes a HUGE mess and is not friendly to anything, fire included.
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    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    Rick, why an electric heater? In your barn, I would figure a decent propane salamander heater for the application. 80,000 BTU should keep you toasty. Electric will run all day long without the tank refill and Home Depot does sell them, as do other hardware stores...
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    CUCVRUS Repair Projects

    Just ordered a Delphi CHFP906. Does anyone know the correct part number for the Vacuum Pump, please?
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    MP Push Bumper & bolt together Brush Guard Kit.

    Bummer, but I get it.
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    MP Push Bumper & bolt together Brush Guard Kit.

    I think that was Shankemdeep. I purchase his "over the door" interior hand grabs. They were well built and I was pleased. Yup, the steps would be nice too. Wish there was someone near me that did that sort of thing. Shipping on some of these items is expensive, so the closer the better...
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    MP Push Bumper & bolt together Brush Guard Kit.

    Hey Jason, any update to this thread?
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    Heating System Upgrade or Auxiliary Heater?

    Has anyone upgraded their stock heat exchanger/blower motor or maybe installed an aftermarket auxiliary heating system in their M1009's? It's gets cold in New England and I sometimes make trips up into Maine and NH when it is Zero or below out. Truck runs great, but as for heat, not so much...
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    CUCVRUS Repair Projects

    That is one AESOME looking barn Rick. Sweet job !
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    CUCV Instrument Cluster Discussion

    Nice........and helpful. Thanks.
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