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    MEP-802a “non runner”

    I just won a new to me “non runner” MEP-802a from Fayetteville today. It shows 16hrs on the clock. I’ll be heading out from Tallahassee on Friday in the wee hours to make it there by 1230. I will chronicle the adventure as this is my first long distance recovery. It’s mounted on the M1102 based...
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    Fayetteville Govplanet yard

    Good afternoon all, I am due to pick up an item at the Fayetteville yard on Friday. Any experience with this place?
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    current SF-97 turnaround times?

    So after some forum searching i could only find some info on the sf-97 wait times from approximately febuary. Has any had a recent experience with GP and sf-97 times? I am aware of the 30-60 business day wait but purchased a M1102 on 9/23/20 and was wondering should i be concerned yet? Or what...
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    M200a1 towing / brake system question

    Hello everyone, I am seeking clarification into the way the brakes work on a single wheel variant of the M200a1 to see if i understand them correctly. If im thinking right as long as the trailer doesnt have an air supply and the tank is drained it should roll freely correct? I am looking at some...
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    M1102 marker light issues

    So I picked up a M1102 out of Albany last Friday. I’ve switch the harness pigtail over to civilian 7 blade and changed the rear incandescent bulbs to 1156 and 631. Also noticed the 90a wire broken with no end on it and after some searching I believe this to be a ground so I put a eyelet on and...
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    Towing fifth wheel with cucv

    Ok so next week I will be towing my new to me 5'er rv to my vacation spot. I wish to know some things to expect when pulling this type of load with a cucv from those that have done it. The truck is a former USAF flight line truck. Non turbo 6.2 auto with 4.10s Crew cab long bed. I know it'll be...
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    Not new but finally got my first MV so just doing a reintroduction.

    Hello yall, I am the proud new owner of a former USAF 1988 chevy V30. Not sure if you could call it a cucv or not as it is a crew cab. Unfortunately the dealer painted over the blue with green. I love the color it's just not correct for its branch of service so should I stay green or go back...
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    M923A2 with M923A1 wheels?

    Being new to the MV hobby I've spent a couple of hours digging through the search archives and found some neat threads. But, nothing that have me what I was looking for. I know the CTIS can be bypassed by placing Schrader valves in the outboard side of the wheel? However the 923a2 I'm currently...
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    Hello from tallahassee florida!

    Morning guys and gals! Been a member a while doing research and just now getting around to introducing myself. I am currently looking at a M923A2 but not sure on it yet. There seems to be a great group of folks here and I look forward to meeting y'all. If anyone in my area ever needs help I'd be...
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