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  1. Crapgame

    M1113/M1114 Turbo Engine Harness vs A2 6.5l NA Engine Harness, PCB Connector Pinout?

    Are the M1113/M1114 and A2 Engine Harnesses the same pinout at the Smart Start Box plug? The under 299,999 serial number engine I got came with a slightly damaged Engine Harness, the two wires with lugs to the Alternator (Sense and AC #2A and #468) got separated from the main harness and the...
  2. Crapgame

    Oilboard Stencils Cut?

    I seem to recall a member had the .mil stencil puncher machines was selling custom cut stencils. I need to get stencils in 1.75, 2.00 and 1in, to re paint the bumper and org on two HMMWVs.
  3. Crapgame

    Replaced Battery Cable Installed Non GI Battery Clamps Now No Power?

    Replaced Battery Cables: Short in Negative SubHarness to Starter & Engine Edit: The buyer stopped by yesterday to test drive it again, and we found the electrical problem by accident. After I had checked the voltage on the starter switch I guess I crossed the two hot Packard connectors...
  4. Crapgame

    HMMWV A2 Airlift Bumper Mud Flaps Kit: Junk Plastic Fillers Necessary?

    8/10 of the Bay postings for the A2 Airlift Bumper Mud Flap Kits says the plastic filler pieces that fit between the bumper and the wheelhouse bottom edges are cracked or broken. Are these parts even necessary? Any way to fix, they look like they are made form the polystyrene that can't...
  5. Crapgame

    WTK: Spare Tire Strap Hooks to? Lengths for Cargo Cover Straps?

    The Dash 10 isn't very detailed, couldn't find a video on Youtube, reference the Spare Tire Strap Assembly, where do you secure the hook end to? Best I can guess is the hook it to the 3" wide rod seen to the right of the tire cradle in the below photo. Cargo Cover Straps, supposed to be 2x 1.5"...
  6. Crapgame

    Lowering LMTV Cab after Manually Pumping Up to Fix Fan Clutch Airline and Throttle PS

    Like it says, I manually pumped up the cab tilt so I could replace the fan clutch airline and throttle position sensor. I tried to lower it using the hydraulic manifold controls but I can't quite get it to pass the balance point in order to secure everything before it rains like **** tomorrow...
  7. Crapgame

    Motorpool Gremlins: LMTV 1/4" ID Hose from Radiator Fan to Fan Shroud?

    Hello, I don't know whether the neighbor's cat was up under the cab or if it was just time for it to break, but when I started up Mad Max this AM I heard a slapping sound after a few seconds. I hand pumped the cab tilt to access the power pac, but the only thing I can find is a black hose...
  8. Crapgame

    GMV Seat Covers Project: Early LBT London Bridge Trading Variant

    This is an original acquired out of Poland. Materials, hardware and workmanship is probably late 90s, early 2000s London Bridge Trading out of Virginia Beach. This one looks like it will fit both the molded kevlar Ballistic Products Seats as well as the High Backs. 1000d Cordura nylon...
  9. Crapgame

    Hydr Manifold Ctrl:24P has 2 lines going to same outlet on rear; Correct Routing Dia?

    I just figured out why I FVBARed the hydraulic lines to the Control Manifold when I changed it out: The 24&P Manual is showing two different lines going to the same socket on the backside. Figure 256 shows the Spare Tire lower hydr line going to Pilot and Suspension Compress Figure 252 shows...
  10. Crapgame

    SS Member Near Front Royal, VA for Vehicle Inspection?

    Do we have a member near Front Royal, VA who would be willing to do an vehicle inspection for me for fair compensation?
  11. Crapgame

    FMTV Windshield Washer Reservoir Pump Grommets!

    Found this ebay auction for cheap 3/$3.00 (+$3.50 First Class) Grommet, Non-Metallic NSN 5235-01-375-1299 Part No 12417598, which mounts the washer fluid pump to the reservoir tank. I saw these for as much as $35 each online, won't name the vendor.
  12. Crapgame

    I Have An M1078A1P2 LTAS Operator Tng Course Student Lesson Guide 14 Apr 2009 Ed

    Spiral bound, no student notes scribbled inside. Anybody have a need for it?
  13. Crapgame

    LMTV FMTV SINCGARS Installing CX-13450/VRC to Circuit Breaker Panel?

    Has anybody installed radioset in the LMTV FMTV family of vehicles? Is it as simple as plugging the CX-13450/VRC Power Cable onto the Circuit Breaker Panel from underneath? My truck has the RAWLs power cable installed but not the SINCGARS power. The cable I am looking at has a while plastic...
  14. Crapgame

    To the Engineer Who Designed the FMTV Hydraulic/Pneumatic Manifold: I Hate You

    Like it says, the TM says to do it one way but its not the most efficient, turning a wrench 30deg at a time to remove hose fittings, and that is when you have room for the wrench. Humungous block of aluminum to mill on, and the fittings have to be so close the flare nut wrench can't fit...
  15. Crapgame

    1994 M1081 No Fault Lites Will Only Go 10mph When Press D Once: What Am I Forking Up?

    New to me 1994 M1081 LVAD (and I'm new to LMTV only drove M35s in 90s), no fault lites with warm up. I press "D" once but can only get it to go 10mph. I tried manually arrowing up the gears but No Joy. When I press "D" once I get the "7" in the left indicator box and "2" in the right. What...
  16. Crapgame

    M1078/M1081 LMTV From Brownsville PA to Navarre, FL

    Finally retiring to FL on 19th. I have a M1081/M1078 LMTV in Brownsville, PA I need to have moved to Navarre to be delivered after Mar 20th. Pickup and delivery flexible. Truck runs on its own power. Delivery is residential on a paved road (or gravel around the corner if you prefer)
  17. Crapgame

    GMV Radio Doghouse Dimensions?

    Would somebody happen to know the dimensions for the GMV Radio Doghouse? I want to check to see if the same doghouse was used on the M1081 War Pigs.
  18. Crapgame

    SINCGARS Display Radio for Contemporary MV: RT1523C Trainer Radio Demil Housing

    While laying about recovering from back surgery, I found this RT-1523C-type trainer radio demil housing on ebay: The faceplate is accurate, with 3D molded features instead of laser engraved onto alu plate markings. The 30ohm Antenna Mount is face, easy fix, the HUB battery cover is molded...
  19. Crapgame

    WTK: Identify this Removable Antenna Base Mount?

    Can anybody identify this removable type antenna base mount? Looks like it is for some kind of military shelter or telescoping roof truck box. This non-standard application is an M1081 LVAD cab.
  20. Crapgame

    Will Bose Triport Noise Cancelling Headsets Work on VIC-1 System?

    When I ETSed we were just starting to get the first SINCGARS. A big leap forward, running two 1439Cs vs an RT-524 and an RT-442 Aux and having to switch back and forth the freqs on the radio and aux to be able to take fire missions from FISTers and Rifle Plts. Anyhooo, modern VRC systems are...
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