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    How do you torque the crank bolt properly?

    So a got a healthy 8K miles out of my makeshift keyway fix, but again, it failed. The bolt keeps slipping out!! If the bolt would stay torqued, there would be no problem. I used Permatex Red and a stronger bolt as GM recommended (10.9). Now I am having the keyway welded then dremmeled out...
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    HELP! Need engine install in Florida - preferably a 6.2

    As most of those who follow my build know, I have temporarily welded my new balancer onto my crank with the broken keyway. Now that it runs like new, I need to source and schedule an engine replacement. Personally, I'm tired of either outrageously high quotes by inexperienced idiots ($10,000...
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    After a 6-month hiatus, the smoke is back!

    When I bought my HMMWV, it smoked on startup and during acceleration. I tried to sell myself on the idea that the smoke was white, but honestly it was blue. Like "OIL BLUE." After starting, I would have to back out of the garage quickly otherwise my eyes will nearly seize shut with pain. I...
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    Seats arrived: Check out this interior

    After a months-long wait, my Corbeau seats arrived. WELL WORTH THE WAIT! Acceptional quality. Perfect stitching, unlike the Smittybilt seats I often see in these. I had to make custom aluminum seat rails for the driver's side and remove the steel plate on the passenger side but the result...
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    CV boot buckling on new shaft install! Just cosmetic or future problem?

    I ordered and installed new driveshafts from SECO about a month ago and installed. Thought it was easier and more reliable in the long-term than replacing my ripped boot. While there are no performance issues yet, the boots on each side of the diff are buckling. Haven't seen this before. Any...
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    PS Noise on Left Turn Only

    Every since I bought my Humvee, the power steering would scream on any accelerated left turn. You would need to accelerate on a LEFT turn in order for it to make the groan noise. I also saw a POV drive on Youtube (Dakata Wood) and his did the same thing, so I just set it aside and went easy on...
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    I got lucky on my soft doors, apparently. Not so much on the top.

    I was watching the Dakota Wood channel showing the arrival and unboxing of his new top and doors from Breton. The ones I got are so much nicer. Not sure who makes them, or where I got them (I'll have to check back), but mine have the smaller windows with the inset zippers and they seam from...
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    Are Goodyear MTs ever actually round?

    So, I installed the "like new" MTs and it turned my truck into an earthquake. Once we dismounted and put them up on the balancer, you can clearly see that they were not round! I put the worst ones on the rear and aired the tires down to 18 psi and that made the truck drivable until I found a...
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    New top and curtain! Top doesn't fit the bows, though!

    I just installed my new top and curtain. The top fits snug, however the forward and aft bows don't line up with the reinforced strip and velcro. Now that the bow isn't aligned, the wind raises the top a bit and pulls at the velcro at an angle and it's starting to tear! The bows and rails...
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    Wheel Spacer Options?

    I know I'm setting myself up for an ambush here, but has anyone used wheel spacers on the HMMWV? I want a wider stance but I love the smooth sidewalls of the original tires, so I ordered new refurb wheels and original tires. Problem is, I want the slight offset that the black rhinos give (I...
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    Generator Friction Noise

    So I traced my tight, vibrating, friction noise down to my generator. It's the 60A version for my 6.2. Sounds like a bearing is starting to go bad - it's very loud ("friction" noise) that disappears when the engine is slightly revved. Should I buy an upgraded 200A, and if so, it is simply...
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    Vibrating Oil Pan?

    I decided to start a new thread about this topic because I'm interested in finding out if this is a typical issue or it is unique to my vibration sound problem. When cold, my truck has a loud vibration which goes away in gear. Once hot, it only makes the loud sound while in gear and idling...
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    Noise while idling in Drive or Reverse - Silent in Neutral

    OK, I keep my HMMWV in a small garage which amplifies all sounds that emit from below the belt. When I start the truck, it sounds great, however once warm (or even after idling for 5 min or so) and you place it in REVERSE or DRIVE, it has a friction sound to it. It almost sounds like a...
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    Coolant Tank Keeps Cracking!

    So, I was trying to release my old, stuck radiator cap and I must have cracked the riveted seal on the neck of the tank. I replaced the cap with a new one and it started leaking at the rivets. So, I ordered a new, plastic tank and sealed the old tank with epoxy to get me by. The new tank came...
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    Snap, crackle, pop from battery compartment at startup

    About 2 months ago I went to start the truck at night and there was a pop and smoke from the battery compartment when I went to crank. I tried again and it did it again. When I removed the seat to inspect, I noticed I replaced the plastic cover upside down and it was putting pressure on the...
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    Blac Rac is amazing!

    Well, when you have a short-barrel AR with a launcher attachment, and a HMMWV in the driveway, there's only one thing left to do. See pics below and enjoy! BTW, driving it to work and spying on onlookers through the security camera is great way to kill time. I'm sure someone will call the cops...
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    Go big or go home - with photos

    So, some of you wanted photos and remembered to snap a few on the way into the office this morning. The resto is coming along great and when I get the new top, curtain, and brown bucket seats, I'll be sure to post the updates as well. So far, I have replaced so many parts, I can't count...
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    New Hood Latches Don't Fit?

    Among piles of new parts I've purchased for the eventual restoration of my HMMWV, I just got in my new hood latches/dog bones. They appear to be real, OEM parts. Before installing these, I lined them up against the old ones still installed on the truck and they are about 3/4" short! I know...
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    Big problems - my shaking was a broken crankshaft!

    So I started a new thread to illuminate the importance of checking "shake" in Humvees. This was my first so I assumed it was normal. I removed my crank pulley and harmonic balancer this weekend, which by the way was a beeotch. Once removed I noticed the key channel was intact only toward the...
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    6.2 or 6.5 - What's really better?

    Ok, it's confirmed that I have the 6.2 in my 1994 Humvee. I understand the campaign that existed to upgrade the in-service 6.2s to 6.5s and 1994 was the last year to require it. Mine was never done. From what I understand there is a small increase in HP and torque and it is a "smoother"...
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