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  1. Grond

    Soap Stone Basin disaster of 2020

    So its been a couple weeks since but I took my rig up to the mountains for a summer weekend of relaxation. All went well the journey there about 80 miles from my house up a lot of elevation. Truck handled fine on road and off upon arriving at camp there was a fair amount of snow melt still left...
  2. Grond

    Topaz Mountain Debut Trip

    Finally got to take my rig out this week to Topaz Mountain about a 300 mile round trip total! The truck handled flawlessly on road and off and got a great opportunity to climb some decent terrain though I did forget my phone charger some footage and pictures were limited. I had to throw it into...
  3. Grond

    new to the MV crew seeking any and all general info and suggestions

    So to start I have always wanted a MV and finally settled and purchased a 1992 BMY M934A2. I have basic mechanical knowledge as I repair all my vehicles myself but this is just beyond anything I have encountered. Nonetheless I am beyond elated to get right into it with hopes of making this a...
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