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    Another WC63 found...

    And...down the rabbit hole we go!
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    Another WC63 found...

    Dont trash that hard top without researching it. I don't know well enough but it might be the arctic cab.
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    Another WC63 found...

    Yep. Everything (just about) from the back of the seats forward interchanges with the other open 3/4 t WCs. wc-51, 52 windshield frames are the same. The command car win shied frame isn't right, but could be modified real easy, but doing that would be sacrilege! :oops:
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    M37 Distributor and coil

    The resistor was in some distributors. I cant remember for sure, but I think mainly in MUTTS. The aftermarket coils from china are junk. No getting around it. They can usually be weeded out by their chrome like appearance. Unfortunately you need to hunt down NOS coils which are starting to...
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    Just got a M37, took some photos. Love any advice/pointers!

    Looking at the engine compartment picture, it looks as though someone has replaced the factory generator with what looks to be a commercial alternator. This will need figuring out as there were probably modifications made to the stock wiring harnesses, now hidden under tape... Youll want to have...
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    WC axles 1/2 -3/4 ton. Are they the same?

    1/2 tons use 217 cid engines if memory serves. 230s appeared with the 3/4t and continued through M37.
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    Another Casual Military Vehicle Show May 16, 2020

    I sent you some Saturday. Sent to your regular email. Mark
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    Another Casual Military Vehicle Show May 16, 2020

    Im planning on being there. See who else i can scare up.
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    Working on the M38 next.

    Not sure what you are asking? You have two distributor bases there. One (new) is an early base that doesn't use a condoner on the 24V input connector, The old one is a later one. what are the numbers on the bases? Almost looks like the new one is a Dodge base.
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    Another Casual Military Show in El Cajon California! August 24, 2019

    The M29 Weasel is quite a bit smaller.
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    Another Casual Military Show in El Cajon California! August 24, 2019

    That is a M37 3/4T. The thing on the fender is a heater.
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    Another Casual Military Show in El Cajon California! August 24, 2019

    Im not going to be able to make it this time :(. Got some issues going on.
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    My "New" 1943 GPW Radio Jeep

    The generator is the same as used on 3/4 ton WCs like the command car.the bracket shows up from time to time on the big online auction site.
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    New to me WC63

    DO NOT GIVE UP! As soon as you start thinking that way things seem to get worse. Im at least a decade older than you, have the same issues and more. I am still enjoying life which includes getting out there and working on my babies. Blood pressure for one is manageable these days. Grab your self...
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    Anybody ever put a 353 detroit in a m37...

    You will love the sound until you have to live with it. How do I know? Living with Gama Goats. They cause long term hearing problems unless you religiously wear good ear protection, It depends where you live i suppose, but that one in the video wouldn't get 500 feet without getting pulled over...
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    Needing so tech help on potential command car acquisition and restoration

    Its unfortunate just how many of those trucks were butchered. The 3/4 ton is more desirable by far IMHO. The tailgates interchange between the 1/2t and the 3/4t. The same cannot be said for the sheet metal. The body of the 1/2t is taller as it is pre "low silhouette" which the 3/4t versions are...
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    Another Casual Military Show in El Cajon California! August 24, 2019

    Put the "dot" com behind the address and try again.
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    Casual Military Vehicle Show El Cajon, California

    Thank you Dennis! I must say, your facility was perfect and you guys were perfect hosts! Looking forward to September, maybe a Unimog?
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