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    M998 drivetrain issues please help !

    So my m998 started acting up recently . It started with a new vibration and when I let off the gas to come to a stop I get a pounding sound . Doesn’t act up right away . Needs a couple miles then is really bad . Let off the gas and the pounding sound starts until you come to a stop . Any ideas ?
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    Pulse tech solar

    I added this kit to my m998 and I’m not sure if I have it right. Looks pretty straight forward instructions. All circuits work both 12 and 24 . My issues is the box that allows you to check your battery status doesn’t light up . Also not sure if the solar panel is producing energy to the...
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    M998 won’t start

    Tried to start my m998 today and the wait light just flashed and went off . Truck turnover but won’t fire up . Can you guys help me ? Was run fine till now I’m assuming something has failed . Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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    My m998 brake lights stopped working ?

    My turn signals work , running lights work , head lights work but brake lights do not . Brake lights don’t come on when brake pedal is depressed. Where do I began to look ? Any info would be greatly appreciated! And the switch is not in blackout mode ...
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    Oil pressure gauge issue

    My oil pressure gauge jumps around now when I start my m998 and maxes out while driving ? What is causing this to happen? Any info would be greatly appreciated .
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    M998 wiper washer question?

    Got my m998 and was wondering how to operate the windshield washers ? I think it broken but not sure how it is supposed to operate ? Your supposed to depress the knob in order to wash the windshield? Any info would be great!
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    Tire upgrade suggestions ?

    My tires on my hmmwv are spent and time to be replaced . Can I go bigger with out adding a lift? What’s a good tire to replace them with ? What do you guys recommend ?
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    Running 12v accessories in my m998? What’s the best way??

    I just got a nice m988 and want to add some 12v stuff . What’s the best way to run my electronics ? Would like reverses lights led , car stereo, light bar and interior light . What is the best way to wire this stuff on a 24v system . Power converter , spod can I run off part of the battery? Any...
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