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    M931A1 Gun Truck tribute, perhaps.

    I've been thinking about how best to utilize my new acquisition. Its of course a tractor. I'm never going to tow 5th wheel trailers and the thing is not so good off-road with no weight on the rears. Also if I don't plan on 5th wheel trailers the class B commercial license is good to go. At...
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    Possible solution for dreaded engine stall when brakes are locked up.

    I've been reading as much as I can find on the fatal (literally) fault of the M939 series. This of course being the issue that an over-zealous application of the brakes stalls the engine and in doing so kills the power steering resulting in skids, crashes and roll-overs. I work in the field of...
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    Overall gear ratios M939A0 and A1?

    Was there a change of overall gearing when the A1s came out to accommodate the 14.00 tires?
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    Modest reliable upgrades for NHC-250?

    What is/are some basic mods to improve the performance of the NHC250? I don't want to go crazy, I sure as heck don't want to "roll coal", but with 53" tires the ol girl is about as gutless as the day is long :sad:. I have read through the threads and see a moderate turbo with a modest bump in...
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    Losing air pressure when emergency brake is on.

    Hello forum. I just picked up a M931A1. I spent the day working my way through the Air Brake system. Ive had the double checks out and inspected them, also the hand brake air valve. Ive gotten the truck to where once its started and idling, pressure rises in primary and secondary system at...
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    Rescuing a M1025

    A new project for me! (Need that like another hole in my head). Found a not so nice M1025, less top and other parts for a price I couldn't refuse. Partially disassembled but about everything included to put it back together. Installed is a brand new 6.5L, never run. And there in lies the...
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    Master cylinder and gas tank vent line hoses

    I am having a hard time with the two flexible lines that run from the left front frame rail to the hard lines on the engine, under the generator, that vent the master cylinder and the gas tank. I cannot find good illustrations of how they fit, mount etc. From the length required it looks like...
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