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    Mep 802A and Mep 803A oil change interval

    Hi I just wanted to let everyone know that if you are using the genny’s at full load, you will need to change oil every 125 hours not the suggested 250 hours for regular use. I’ve proven this with oil samples. When it’s under full load, it kills the oil much, MUCH faster than at 50% load. These...
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    Mep exhaust insulation? Mep 803A

    What’s the best way to insulate the exhaust pipe? I’m putting one inside and need to insulate the exhaust pipe. I’m sure it’s been covered but I can’t find it.
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    803A smoking and surge after warm up

    Hi I’ve been lurking around the forum a few years and recently purchase a mep803-A.anyway Its surging a couple hertz and has produced large amounts of carbon build up in the exhaust in just a few hours. I have changed the fluids and filters and cleaned the switch’s . Hopefully someone can point...
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