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  1. Soupermike

    Dodge WC51 M24A1 Gun Mount

    Were you ever successful in getting measurements for making a mount? I would like to make an m24a3 mount for my M37. If so, would you share them? Thanks Mike
  2. Soupermike

    Air cleaner support

    Thanks for checking for me.
  3. Soupermike

    Air cleaner support

    I would appreciate that Will.
  4. Soupermike

    Air cleaner support

    I posted a wtb for an air cleaner support but does anyone that has one be willing to take some good measurements/pics of so I can possibly have one manufactured? This is the last piece I need for my water fording kit. Thanks Mike
  5. Soupermike

    just took in a m101a1

    Nice find. I want to get an M101A1 when I finish my M37.
  6. Soupermike

    Louisiana - State Flagging Existing Titles, and Registering New Vehicles as Off-Road

    I thought that changed when the legislature revised the MV laws in 2018-2019
  7. Soupermike

    M37 to modern MV brake lights

    Thanks nattieleather, I did Y off of #21 but I didn't think of the stop light on #22. I will have to do that. I appreciate the offer to come help. I alway seem to be too far from help and good deals on parts!!
  8. Soupermike

    M37 to modern MV brake lights

    Pretty simple. I made a jumper from the #21 wire on drivers side to the passenger side drive light. I was under the impression that it would take chopping up my harness by info from someone on Facebook.
  9. Soupermike

    M37 to modern MV brake lights

    Thanks Floridianson for the help.
  10. Soupermike

    M37 to modern MV brake lights

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram of how I can wire newer MV brake lights on my M37? I understand the original wiring harness will need to be changed, I just don't know what changes needs to be made. Thanks, Mike
  11. Soupermike

    Starter help

    I am looking for the parts pictured in yellow "JJ" to make return my starter back to foot pedal operation. My truck was set up with a dashboard push button when I got it. The starter is missing the part that is pushed up by the cam when you engage the foot operated lever. Does anyone know...
  12. Soupermike

    Official 2020 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade thread

    Due to work I cant make it to the rally this year but If I can arrange transport for it back to Louisiana, I am looking for a 9x16 NDT.
  13. Soupermike

    2020 Good Guys Award Winner.

    That's awesome!!
  14. Soupermike

    Transmission oil or Gear oil in transmission?

    I think I am going to use this as I can get it locally. Thanks for the info/help.
  15. Soupermike

    Transmission oil or Gear oil in transmission?

    Do you have a preference on what GL spec you use?
  16. Soupermike

    Transmission oil or Gear oil in transmission?

    I am totally confused on what to put in my transmission. I have been reading many posts about what people are using in their trucks (mostly deuces) and the discussions say to stay away from GL-5 because it attacks the yellow metal and others say it doesn't matter because it needs a high temp to...
  17. Soupermike

    What did you do to your M37 today?

    Rebuilt my PTO. Had to replace the shifter shaft.
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