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  1. Paladin6

    Members in Northern Virginia?

    Roger. Will post something before the next trip once dates/locations are determined for this year's convoy/ride.
  2. Paladin6

    Members in Northern Virginia?

    Roger. Have heard about the Graves Mountain Rally - will look to get to it this year with a vehicle if I can. I looked at their previous events and they seem great. I'm with a group of mil vehicle owners who do a spring and fall gravel/dirt road convoy in Loudoun and surrounding area. One...
  3. Paladin6

    Members in Northern Virginia?

    There seems to be a fair number of us in the area. I've been off the net for awhile - just getting back on here to Steel Soldiers. I'm in the Leesburg area. Has anyone here participated in some of the trail rides/convoys done in Loudoun county over the last couple of years?
  4. Paladin6

    Members in Northern Virginia?

  5. Paladin6

    M38A1 into Israeli colors

    The Israeli M38A1 looks great - a Browning on the passenger side would really top it off!
  6. Paladin6

    M4A3 Sherman Restoration

    A very fitting story for this Veteran's Day weekend. Many thanks for your uncle's service.
  7. Paladin6

    Members in Northern Virginia?

    Roger! Would not belong to it if I had the option. Thought they'd run a community center, not have people with too much time on their hands running around measuring the size of the potted plants on your porch or hyper-ventilating about the camo scheme on a vehicle and putting hoa violation...
  8. Paladin6

    M-170 Paint and hood

    Marc, Hello. You're not talking about the hole for the second battery in the cowl on passenger side are you? What period do you want to reflect for the vehicles? Early 50s OD will be a different shade then late 50s. For a 1950 and a 1959 would both be different if original. The...
  9. Paladin6

    M4A3 Sherman Restoration

    Coming along nicely it looks. Thanks.
  10. Paladin6

    Members in Northern Virginia?

    Roger. Hopefully the marker light is not too much of a problem. Gotta love those those HOAs!
  11. Paladin6

    Members in Northern Virginia?

    Roger that. Looks like there are several of us spread out from Quantico North to Alexandria, and out west to Warrenton, Front Royal and Winchester. A few of us are concentrated near Leesburg and surrounding area. I can only imagine where you are parking your M923! Let us all know...
  12. Paladin6

    Members in Northern Virginia?

    That is a great looking M923. Good luck with the new vehicle.
  13. Paladin6

    M4A3 Sherman Restoration

    A great thread, restoration, and photos. Thanks for sharing and look outward to next ones.
  14. Paladin6

    2013 VIN INFO Thread

    Thanks for doing ths for us all!
  15. Paladin6

    Members in Northern Virginia?

    Just saw this thread - am in Northern VA near Leesburg. Seems like a fair number of Steel Soldier folks in the AO.
  16. Paladin6

    Restoration underway

    Super job - looks great!
  17. Paladin6

    Poll: How do YOU say CUCV?

    "kuk-vee" or "ten-oh-eight"
  18. Paladin6

    My First CUCV

    Welcome. You will enjoy it!
  19. Paladin6

    My new Deuce got car jacked

    That's a good one! Actually, though, I'd like that sound!
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