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  1. Ryan Kight

    VA 9.00R16 Michelin XLs Surplus Deep Deal

    Hey Guys, Ryan from Colony Tire Here. I got a really nice batch of 9.00R16 Michelin XLs in for $335 Each. They are 2006-2007 Dates but are new (Still have the nipples on the tread and everything.) Feel free to message me or call 757-408-0103. I have 11.00R16 Michelin XZLs as well for $360 Each...
  2. Ryan Kight

    VA 9.00R16 Michelin XL Call 757-408-0103

    I just got a bunch of these in. They are New 100% Take Offs from 2006-2007. Certainly the nicest batch of these I have ever had. $335 Each
  3. Ryan Kight

    VA 365/80R20 and 335/80R20 Continentals and Pirellis (757-408-0103)

    335/80R20 Pirelli (2013) Brand New Tires They Look amazing! $250 335/80R20 Continental (2020) Dates $425 365/80R20 Pirelli MPT (2019) $500 365/80R20 Continental MPT 81 (2020) $525 365/80R20 Continental BARUM NR52 Highway Tread (2019) $540
  4. Ryan Kight

    VA 1400R20 Tires

    Military Tire Lovers 1400R20 Goodyear AT2As 90% Tread -$225 Each (loose and Wheels) 1400R20 Goodyear AT3A New - $350 Each (Loose) 1400R20 Goodyear ORD - $525 Each (Loose) 1400R20XZA - $1300 Each (Loose) 14.00-20 GENERAL NDT 20PLY NEW-$200 Each 14.00R20 PIRELLI PS22/MPT 22PR-$650 Each
  5. Ryan Kight

    VA 1400R20 Tires & 1600R20 Tires & 1100R20

    I have a bunch of 1400R20 Goodyear AT2A and - Most are near 100 Percent Tread. $225 I have loose ones and ones on wheels but they are the same price. I have 1600R20s in AT2A and AT3A -$350 Each Michelin 1600R20 XZL -$450 Each 1200R20 XML -$200 Each 1100R20 Goodyear Unisteel G177 - $150 Each...
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