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  1. WWRD99

    Dog fish update??

    Ok, this is my first post about my 86 blazer I got several months ago...I have been able to figure out most everything on it and it does run great. It is pretty stock so far minus this relay thing. The one weird thing I have, which I have seen others with online, is a starter relay bolted...
  2. WWRD99

    MEP-803A getting it to work,,,my first one!

    Hello, I have the genset MEP-803A that runs great. I bought it as a running unit but not making power. I found the FU1 fuse and cap were missing. I did ask about it in another post,,,thanks to all that helped me get those parts together. The generator does make power now to charge the...
  3. WWRD99

    MEP-531 runs perfect but doesn't make power

    Hey all, I have a 531 that I have running great but won't let me turn on the power switch, it pops right back down and won't stay up, the GFCI buttons on the power outlet won't stay untripped as it makes me think that I have some sort of short somewhere or the windings need a power...
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