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  1. steelsoldiers

    Steel Soldiers Convoy to the 2021 MVPA Convention in South Bend, IN

    Hey guys! Would you be interested in participating in a convoy to the 2021 MVPA convention? I have been thinking about setting one up. We would have South, East, and West convoys that would convene in Indianapolis and then drive the last 150 miles to South Bend together. It would be a lot of fun...
  2. steelsoldiers

    CANCELED: SS/MVPA Rally at Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area

    Hey everyone! We are very excited to announce that we will be doing a joint Steel Soldiers/MVPA Rally at the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) on the weekend of August 10th! That is the same weekend the MVPA will be finishing up their 2019 convention in York, PA, which is about an hour...
  3. steelsoldiers

    Steelsoldiers’ BIG M756A2 Project!

    My dad bought this M756A2 off of GL in 2003 with aspirations of restoring it with his boys, putting it to work on occasion, and mostly just enjoying driving it. Unfortunately, life gets in the way, so he ended up using it very little over the last 16 years. Now, he has sadly run out of time and...
  4. steelsoldiers

    The Steel Soldiers Store is now online! Get your SS Gear today!

    Notice anything new in the site menu bar above?! We now have a “Store” link that will take you to our Cafepress store where you can buy all kinds of cool gear like t-shirts, mugs, magnets, etc... More items will be added every week! Check it out!
  5. steelsoldiers

    Anniversary Logo Voting Ends Soon!!!!!

    Hey, everyone! Be sure to vote for your favorite 20th Anniversary Logo today! Only 157 people had voted at the time of this post! We have thousands and thousands of active members! Get to it, people! Make your voice heard...
  6. steelsoldiers

    Steel Soldiers 20th Anniversary Logo Contest!!!

    Next year, we’ll be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Steel Soldiers!! Can you believe it?! We have decided to make our our 20th Anniversary more special by commissioning a new logo that we can put on all sorts of SS swag like t-shirts, stickers, hats, etc... We could hire some graphic design...
  7. steelsoldiers

    Steelsoldiers’ Big M37B1 Project

    Well, I went and did it over the weekend. I bought a 1962 M37B1 from a fellow SS member here in West Virginia. I’ve been hankering for a new MV for a long time, and when this one showed up on Craig’s List, it looked like just the ticket! It currently runs and drives, but doesn’t stop. It has...
  8. steelsoldiers

    Fair offer on a 1945 Willys MB

    Hey guys. I’m looking at a crusty, rusty, ugly 1945 MB. I mean, it’s hideous, but it’s a Willys MB! Someone has definitely done some mods to this truck over the years. Some of the obvious changes are a hard top/doors, turn signals on the fenders, multiple coats of paint, and a home built rear...
  9. steelsoldiers

    Took the M1101 for a tow today

    I took the M1101 out for its first proper tow behind my new H1. It had been sitting around collecting leaves since I sold my HMMWV. Shockingly, one of the tires had gone flat, but I was able to use my handy dandy CTIS compressor to air it back up. The only other issue was the pivot on the stiff...
  10. steelsoldiers

    steelsoldiers' new HMMWV project... sort of!

    I picked up a 1997 Hummer H1 HMCO (4-door, open-top) over the weekend to be used as my new daily driver. I really missed my Cummins HMMWV after I sold it to TedG a few years ago and have been wanting one ever since. While the H1 is not officially a military variant, it shares enough of the...
  11. steelsoldiers

    Attention Tim Peruch!!!!!

    Tim, please PM me when you see this post. Thanks!! Chris
  12. steelsoldiers

    HMMWV In Sandy's Snow!

    We ended up with about 7-8" of the heavy, wet snow from Sandy. Our road was a sloppy mess with tree limbs down everywhere and more branches and tree tops breaking off every few minutes. As you can see, a pretty good sized limb fell across my M1101 trailer. Thankfully, the trailer is fine outside...
  13. steelsoldiers

    The Steel Soldiers 2nd Annual Wounded Warriors Fund Drive

    Hi all! Once again, we are going to have a fund raising effort on SS to support our wounded veterans. Last year's campaign raised almost $5000! I think we can do even better than that so I set this year's goal at $7500. I just dropped $200 in the pot to kick things off. Here's the link to...
  14. steelsoldiers

    HMMWV Brush Truck Tragedy

    This was sent to me by another SS mermber:Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation Report F2010-32| CDC/NIOSH This has nothing to do with the HMMWV itself, but rather a poorly designed, home-brew water delivery system. I know we have a lot of VFD and FD guys on here now researching HMMWV brush...
  15. steelsoldiers

    Thinking about upgrading my HMMWV half-shafts

    Hi guys, I've been hearing one of my front halfshafts popping lately. I suspect it is the front-left but it is a little tough to localize with all of the engine noise. My first instinct is to buy both front A0 10k shafts and swap them out, but the gearhead in my says why not upgrade while...
  16. steelsoldiers

    HMMWV seatbelt kit templates and adhesive info

    Hi All, I picked up a 3-point seat belt kit for my M998, but it didn't include the templates that are used to drill the holes in the body for all of the braces and brackets. Has anyone installed the belts without using the templates? It would seem that you could hold the brackets and braces...
  17. steelsoldiers

    Help Wanted: Webzine Editor

    Hi all! I am making a concerted effort to get the official SS Webzine up and running this spring. Initially, it will be a quarterly online publication and the subscription price is included in the premium membership dues. I have been actively trying to recruit authors and an editor for the...
  18. steelsoldiers

    M939 P2P Program On SS

    Hey M939A0-A2 owners. We now have the P2P program hosted on the M939 TM's page: If you haven't used it before, you are in for a treat. It is a dynamic TM with all sorts of animated diagrams, photos, specs...
  19. steelsoldiers

    Welding with ear protection?

    I have always been good about wearing a shield when I am welding. I usually use an auto-darkening unit, which works well in most situations, unless I'm in a tight spot. I don't usually have ear protection on unless I am going to be grinding for an extended period, but I may change my habits...
  20. steelsoldiers

    HMMWV Early Parking Brake Pics Needed

    I am trying to get my parking brake functional again and need some pics to see exactly how it is supposed to look when it is done. My truck has the early style brake on the rear diff. I am missing everything between the brake handle to the caliper. I have looked at the parts diagram in the...
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