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  1. CPDOG


    HELLO FELLAS, we are in the middle of a full blown resto-mod of a 1962 M170 jeep. does anybody have a picture (even one) of the e-brake handle installed in a M170 jeep? i know this sounds really mundane, but we have searched extensively for a clear picture of it installed. if anyone has this...
  2. CPDOG

    m170spare tire mount and bar

    hello again to all: I am looking for the spare tire mount / bar for M170 Jeep. hard to locate, I know. or does anyone have access to a dwg (whether original or not) or does anyone now of someone who had these bars fabricated up and still have the bend radius chart available? thank all of you...
  3. CPDOG

    Greasing question concerning the 2 allen grease plugs in the steering axles

    ok fellas:):):) I am just throwing this out and welcoming any and all inputs. on my a2 steering axels there are 2 allen plugs on the ball of the axel fwd/aft positions and on each side. the greasing manual vaguely suggest the use of low pressure grease gun for this greasing point...I got that...
  4. CPDOG

    Our 5 ton "CRAZY DOG"

    Haven't posted in awhile...…just posting some pics of our club events... Our club: WEST SOUND MILITARY VEHICLE PRESERVATION CLUB of Bremerton WA recently participated in the Memorial Day Parade and another local event at the USS TURNER JOY MEMORIAL PIER here in Bremerton. Of special note: the...
  5. CPDOG

    Alaskan camper in our 5 ton "crazy dog"

    All we haven't posted here in a while and we just finished our install of a completelyoverhauled Alaskan camper, the installation and subsequent load out of it. We hopethis helps as much as some of the other guys posting their builds on here helpedus and were grateful enough to share their...
  6. CPDOG

    New ladder/stairs on our 5 ton... "crazy dog"

    All we haven't posted on the site for awhile, so when we did the this add on we had to share because we are sure everyone here has been wrestling with this issue concerning easy or at least easier access to the bed of you truck. we found one alternative. we bought a ladder/stairs assy from...
  7. CPDOG

    has anyone installed an ALASKAn camper into the bed of thier 5 ton

    all we are looking for people here that have done something this type to your truck. IE: installed an Alaskan camper into you m923 or similar truck. please if any of know of someone who has done it or you have done it, please send us some poc's , tip, trick, etc. it will be greatly...
  8. CPDOG

    1991 m923a2 electrical charging issue

    All we finally decided to post a thread concerning our issue, keep in mind we have been at this very intensely for over 2 weeks...we now need all opinions both main stream and off the wall! ISSUE -the main issue is that my voltmeter on the dash is reading mid yellow to mid red and jumping...
  9. CPDOG

    Our 5-ton: "CRAZY DOG"

    This is our 1991 M923A2 5 ton named "CRAZY DOG". It is just me , my wife and all of our dogs. this is our camper and the going to town truck for a "cheeseburger run" for you guessed it, the dogs! It is truly dog friendly as it has a dog door installed in the cab and the bed was modified for a...
  10. CPDOG

    1991 m923/a2 super single 14.00/20 two piece rim o-ring size?

    All I am looking for the correct O-ring size for this 2-piece truck rim. I ordered 2 and they stated was for this size rim, but I believe I am missing something along the way. if you guys could provide any input it is greatly appreciated! (the O-rings sent to me were at least double in size in...
  11. CPDOG

    Fuel filter on m923a2

    hi I have a m923a2 and have replaced the fuel filter on the engine then I noticed a larger one just behind the drivers wheel that the tech manual says only applies to a m923a1? in the tech manual it states that to change this filter to open the drain and isolate the valve from the tank....did...
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