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  1. TacticalTruck

    Trans module drain batts?

    My buddy's 1990's M1078 is in a shop and they're telling him a faulty transmission module is draining the batteries. Anyone have experience w/ this?
  2. TacticalTruck

    Air in PS fluid

    I've got an M916 that has a power steering problem. I first noticed it when I found the fluid low and added some. The fluid over flows after the truck is shut down. If the cap is on it come out like a geyser. I've tried turning it from lock to lock a hundred times and tried bleeding the lines to...
  3. TacticalTruck


    I'm putting a swap loader on a M1078 and I need hydraulic power. Has anyone installed a PTO on the transmission of a non-winch truck?
  4. TacticalTruck

    M1078 NC to VA

    Looking to get a M1078 hauled out of Bragg: From: Fayetteville, North Carolina 28312 To: marshall, Virginia 20115 Runs Thanks Jeff
  5. TacticalTruck

    Deuce or Five ton cargo needed for Rolling Thunder Parade

    I'm looking for someone, or two, that can bring a cargo truck to the Pentagon early Sunday the 26th to carry Blue and Gold Star Mothers (Mothers of wounded or KIA soldiers). It's a paying gig. Please help. Jeff
  6. TacticalTruck

    MK18A1 on M977

    A little swap we're working on in the shop, putting a loader on a HEMTT.
  7. TacticalTruck

    MK18A1 Ga to Va

    Looking to get two MK18A1s loaded and hauled from Albany, Ga to Virginia? Any connections in the area? Thanks Jeff
  8. TacticalTruck

    LVSs on hold

    Got a call from GL. The LVSs are on hold pending demil code review. Can't pick up the power unit. :sad:
  9. TacticalTruck

    Deuce needed for Rolling Thunder

    For years I hauled Blue Star and Gold Star Mothers in Rolling Thunder. My son started racing dirt bikes and we have a race Sunday of Memorial Weekend and can't go. So I've been lining up trucks for them. They want two but I've only got one committed this Sunday. I know it's last second but...
  10. TacticalTruck

    Interior padding?

    Anyone know a source for the interior padding used on M939 or HMMWV type vehicles? It's the kind with perforated vinyl covering. Thanks Jeff
  11. TacticalTruck


    Any one ever replace the valves in the M35A3 wheels w/ a standard valve and ditch the CTIS mess? Jeff
  12. TacticalTruck

    Wire source?

    Any one have a source for the MIL-DTL-13486 wire used in our trucks? Thanks Jeff
  13. TacticalTruck

    HEMTT cabs?

    Who's got HEMTT cabs for sale? Looking for nice complete ones. Thanks Jeff
  14. TacticalTruck

    WTB M548 torsion bars

    Need two, NSN 2510-00-703-5900 Thanks Jeff
  15. TacticalTruck

    Street legal Humvee needed West coast

    Hey Guys I got a call for a couple Humvees needed in LA for a day for a TV show. They need to be street legal. Anyone? Jeff
  16. TacticalTruck

    And now for something completely different...M123E2

    Finally got it in. I need the correct data plate, shift plate and front driveshaft for starters. There's still a cargo up there for sale. Jeff
  17. TacticalTruck

    WTB 24V genny

    Anyone have or know where to buy a 24 volt APU? thanks Jeff
  18. TacticalTruck

    M105 axle flip

    I went back thru the forum and can't find it but does anyone remember a guy putting a M105 alxe over the leaf springs? Jeff
  19. TacticalTruck

    Gearbox needed

    So we got this job to adapt a Husky suspension onto a Meerkat. We got it all done and I put it in first gear to pull it out of the shop and the thing, which we call a Musky, went backwards. Turns out the pinion in the Husky rotates reverse from the Meerkat. I nned to find a drop box that will...
  20. TacticalTruck

    WTB cable end rear wrecker winch

    I foud them new but does anyone have a cable end for the 3/4" wire rope? Jeff
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