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  1. Eaglhawk

    5 Ton tractor to dump conversion

    Has anyone put the dump components from a M51 Dump truck onto a M818 Tractor truck? I have Jack Tomlin's old beat up M51 and wish to put the dump components on a new M818. It looks like the rear frame length is the same so It should be straightforward to remove the 5th wheel components and put...
  2. Eaglhawk

    M59 and M342, what are the stock differences?

    Could someone tell me the stock differences in the M59 and the M342? From the limited, low-res pictures I have found on the web they basically look the same. I have one that I picked up from GSA but at the moment I am not sure which one it is, but I do know that it has the multifuel turbo in it...
  3. Eaglhawk

    EFS Surplus yard In Grantsville, Utah, 20 minutes from Jack Tomlins old yard..

    Hi everyone! I have a bunch of military surplus that I have been using to build up a personal collection of military trucks and equipment. I worked with Jack Tomlin for several years and built up my own yard from some equipment of his after he passed away. It is not the same since he passed...
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