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  1. Nomadic

    M939 Camper Build

    Check it out camper fans. BTW, it is not mine.
  2. Nomadic

    Automatic logoff

    There are restrictions of being logged out such as tiny and blurred pictures and access denied when clicking on a picture to view a less small size with proper resolution. But when I login, I'm logged out automatically within a couple minutes. Why do you log me out?
  3. Nomadic

    Driving Cross Country. Have you done it?

    I have the dream to camp out in the wild in the USA. Nevada has been a top spot with the huge amounts of public land, less people and awesome views in the country. I had no idea it was this awesome. But dispersed camping has been limited to driving on roads within the country. Driving a 5-Ton...
  4. Nomadic

    M934A2 Expandable Off-Road capabilities

    I'm researching the M934A2 as a camper and want the big truck for its value and off-road capabilities (but not limited to). I'm looking to find out how much the box on the back reduces its off-road capabilities by asking those in the know to compare it with something concrete, like this youtube...
  5. Nomadic

    Looking for input designing a way to mount a very, very big window

    I'm planning a camper build on or behind a BMY M925A2. The idea is to work in the country in a camper that is mounted to the bed of the truck or on a trailer. The idea I'd like help with is mounting a window to enjoy the vast mountain views while sitting at a desk in front of a computer in the...
  6. Nomadic

    Choosing a 5-ton truck

    As a Nomad, I'm looking to upgrade my vehicle to a military grade truck and I'm looking for help choosing a vehicle. The 5-ton trucks are what looks attractive, specifically the M934A2 because it has the workshop. The wind can get pretty strong. It hit 80 MPH near Lake Isabella, CA. In Nevada...
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