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    Who's driving in a Parade on the 4th?

    Anyone? Where?
  2. B3.3T

    VIC-1/AM1780 power cord pin-out?

    Can someone tell me the pin-out for the AM1780 Amp? Is A positive or negative? Thanks
  3. B3.3T

    Lexington KY to Dayton, OH (120 miles) Need 6K truck hauled

    I need a 6,500 lbs. truck (16ft. long) and parts hauled from Lexington KY to near Dayton, OH. Paying in cash. This weekend. Thanks, Alan
  4. B3.3T

    Best way to wire up a RAK15 ration heater?

    Looking to wire up a RAK15 ration heater from scratch. Draws 24vdc 15 amps. 10 gauge directly from the batteries with 20 amp. inline fuse?
  5. B3.3T

    M151a2; which brake fluid?

    How do I know which brake fluid my M151a2 uses? 3 or 5?
  6. B3.3T

    V-100 Parts References:

    Hydrovac: Federated 51-8000 (Used in old school buses) Master cylinder: Raybestos MC-27304 Clutch Master Cylinder: Raybestos MC36045 (66 Dodge Dart) Wheel Cylinders: New Star S-D951 Radiator: Radcorp HC6425 (Used in 60's Ford trucks)
  7. B3.3T

    Rac-15 mre/water heater power cord

    Does anyone have the three-pin connector for these? I need two.
  8. B3.3T

    "Fury" November 2014
  9. B3.3T

    Tankers: Add West Liberty Ohio to your "Must Visit" List
  10. B3.3T

    Middletown Ohio Memorial Day Parade, May 26. This is a fun parade, lots of people.

    The Middletown Memorial Day Parade will be held on Monday May 26, 2014. The Parade will move out at 10:00 am from Smith Park in Middletown and will travel South on Verity Parkway to Woodside Cemetery where there will be a Memorial Day Service. Line up begins at 9:00 AM. All Participants...
  11. B3.3T

    Very early XM-706

    A very early 1965 XM-706 in Colorado. I completed this restoration to the owner's request about 6 years ago. No longer any connection but the only early model I know in private ownership.
  12. B3.3T

    Thousands of HMMWV may actually be sold to public; not a rumor

    A email ???from DLA Disposition Services DLA Disposition Services is conducting a real study looking into selling thousands of 1980-2000 HMMWVs to the public through contractors who will certify DOT specs. A ways off, but could happen: "The DOD expects to excess several thousand HMMWV vehicles...
  13. B3.3T

    Real Sdk251 running under its own original Maybach power, first time in 60 years...

    More to come as restoration continues...
  14. B3.3T

    Sept. 20-21 Ropkey Armor Museum Rally- Last one, ever

    Everyone who can ought to get to the Ropkey Museum's last rally; Sept. 20-21. This is a Friday-Saturday and it is a great rally and awesome museum.
  15. B3.3T

    Vintage Truck Show, Yellow Springs Ohio Saturday Aug 3, at Young's Dairy

    Anyone else going?
  16. B3.3T

    NAPA Parts listing

    For anyone who does not have this info, here are important V-100 parts that are currently available at NAPA and other parts stores. Keep this list. This is for V-100 only, not V-150: Radac Corp. Ford Truck #HC6425, not NAPA, but any radiator shop or parts Hydro VAC, Federated #51-8000 Wheel...
  17. B3.3T

    NAPA replacement headlight? Or any other?

    Any civilian sources for headlights like NAPA?
  18. B3.3T

    Current Vietnamese Army V-100 with upgrades

    Interesting video of the upgrades performed by the PLA to the old V-100s left to the ARVN. Not in English but you can see diesel and props added for amphibious operations.
  19. B3.3T

    Middletown, OH Memorial Day Parade, May 27, 9:00am Seeking MVs

    This is a pretty substantial parade with a lot of spectators honoring our fallen. Any MVs are very welcomed. May 27, 9:00am at Smith Park, N. Main St. Parade begins at 10 and proceeds to Woodside Cemetery on S. Verity. Finishes by 11:30.
  20. B3.3T

    Rough idle issues; suggestions?

    M151A2, starts, runs great, just does not want to idle well. Leaving choke out a bit only helps a little. Airscrew?
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